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My wife bought a magic machine, er, iPad.

I set up the resident Mail application to access her AOL. On a laptop, she used the AOL Webmail interface (not a separate mail program).

When she opens a message and reads it on the iPad, and later checks AOL online, the message has moved from "New Mail" to "Old Mail", just as it should.

But if she DELETES a message on the iPad, and later checks AOL online, the message has not been deleted.

I've used AOL/IMAP on other (non-Apple) devices and systems, and it's operated fine. This is my first experience with this craziness. I'm sure there's a setting somewhere I'm overlooking, but not finding it.

So, can anyone tell me, when she deletes AOL messages from the iPad Mail application, how can we set it up to delete from the server?


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    What type of account was set up on the iPad? If it was an IMAP then the changes (e.g., deleted) would be reflected on the server and show up when the account is subsequently accessed via webmail or another computer. If an POP3 account then you only have the option of when to delete messages. If you go the account in the iPad Settings app you can tell what type account and under the Advanced account settings select when to delete mil from the server fro a POP3 account.

    My GMail is an IMAP account and I can only tell if I look in the Advanced setting on the iPad for that account since it says in one entry IMAP Pat Prefix. Otherwise it is not specified what type of account it is.
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    I believe AOL MUST be IMAP. I think I let the Mail program set itself up... I'm out of town so I'll have to double check in the AM.

    That's what is so weird - I presume that it's set up as IMAP, which means you're right, the changes SHOULD update... Which is why I'm flummoxed as to why it's not.