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So I'm looking at possibly getting a 6G nano, couple questions. How is the sound quality? I recently bought a pair of $75 headphones and was very pleased with the them listening on my ipod touch 2nd gen, not so much on my 2nd gen shuffle. Can anyone compare the sound quality of the 6th gen nano to the 2nd gen ipod touch, or even the 2nd gen shuffle?

One feature that may keep me from buying this is the fact that it automatically sleeps after 60 seconds and there is no way to change this. So you have to wake the thing after every 60 seconds, which would be very annoying, especially if you are on a bike. Can/will apple do an update via itunes to add the ability to change these settings? For example the ipod touch has options to sleep after 1,2,3,4,5 minutes and never sleep. Thanks.
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    I'd say the sound quality is similar to other nanos.

    The sleep after 60 seconds is just the screen going blank. Music keeps on playing. It saves power and also stops any accidental touches to the screen.
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    but if you wanted to change the song, you would have to hit the wake button first, then touch the screen, correct?
  • Matthew Smith Level 5 (6,790 points)
    Yes, but you aren't going to do that every minute.

    You can also get the earphones with remote and mic, where you can change to the next song by double clicking the main button.
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    well, maybe not every minute, but perhaps every several minutes, especially if you are shuffling. If you are working out, running, or riding a bike (my case), this is a deal breaker. If you dont like the song its on, you have to wake the ipod, then hit the next track button. That could be a deal breaker. I wonder why apple didnt include the option to never sleep. Can apple do an itunes update to give this option?

    I just spent $75 on very good earphones, so im not gonna spend more on apple's that probably sound poor. Thanks for the tip though.
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    You have the option of turning on the "shake to shuffle" feature. Shake the nano and it shuffles to the next song at random.

    Honestly, though... after you've worn the nano 6g for a couple of days, you get used to pushing the SLEEP/WAKE button, which immediately displays the current selection with PAUSE and SKIP icons displayed. It's not a big complicated deal.
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    I got used to it too, I wanted to know, what is the good earphones you recently purchased? And I don't know if you guys are having the same problem, but the smart playlist "Recently Added" there are 0 songs showing on my nano???
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    they are AKG's 319, they were on sale for $75, but are pretty much $99 now.
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    Ths may be asking much, but can anyone tell me I will see a noticeable dif in sound quality from 6g nano to 4g shuffle?
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    You can also get a Shuffle adapter (ILuv or Belkin). It provides the volume control and push button control just like the Apple earphone with mic. I got the ILuv adapter for $8 and it works great for giving me volume control and track control without having to remove my Nano 5G or 6G or Touch from my pocket. And I get to use my Klipsch headphones.
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    I think the sound is really good for such a small device. I don't notice much of a difference between the 6g nano and my 2nd gen touch. I do use better headphones. For exercise I use some sennheisers and also have a $200 pair of Dr Dre monster head phones that sound great! I do have the soundcheck turned on to even out volume levels between tracks.

    I biked today with it clipped the left shoulder of my shirt. Yes...you have to hit the wake button to turn on the screen before you can hit the forward to next track button. Not too hard to get used to once you do it a few times. I do wish there was a way to keep the screen turned on ...maybe in a future firmware upgrade.