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So I'm looking at possibly getting a 6G nano, couple questions. How is the sound quality? I recently bought a pair of $75 headphones and was very pleased with the them listening on my ipod touch 2nd gen, not so much on my 2nd gen shuffle. Can anyone compare the sound quality of the 6th gen nano to the 2nd gen ipod touch, or even the 2nd gen shuffle?

One feature that may keep me from buying this is the fact that it automatically sleeps after 60 seconds and there is no way to change this. So you have to wake the thing after every 60 seconds, which would be very annoying, especially if you are on a bike. Can/will apple do an update via itunes to add the ability to change these settings? For example the ipod touch has options to sleep after 1,2,3,4,5 minutes and never sleep. Thanks.