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I'm considering reformatting my gen 4 ipod nano for windows so that I can download windows only audiobooks from my public library. I currently have iTunes on my mac. Do I need to download another version of iTunes for my windows virtual machine (Windows XP), and if so, will I then be able to sync iTunes on my mac using fusion, or is there a way to share my current library that would allow me to download windows compatible audiobooks from the library on what will become my windows-compatible ipod nano?

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Before you do anything, check with the library and make sure you know what they are offering. Some libraries are offering audiobooks in DRM-encumbered WMA format, which is not iPod compatible. Your reference to "windows only" makes me cautious. Ask them specifically if their books are iPod-compatible.
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    Yes, the library offers books in a number of formats, including Overdrive MP3 audiobook which I can download to my iPod seamlessly from my Mac. The drawback is the library has very few titles (and copies) in this popular format, but they have many more in Overdrive WMA format which is iPod compatible via windows. (They have lots of other formats as well, which are not relevant). What I would do is reformat an older iPod specifically for library audiobooks.
    Thanks for your interest.
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    Then based on that situation, you may as well start a separate iTunes library on the XP machine. To do that, go back to the Apple web site and download (and install) the Windows version of iTunes. You can use it just for audiobooks, and you can use your old iPod.

    In this way it will separate from your main iTunes library on the Mac, which I think is what you are trying to get to.
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    Thanks, when you say windows machine, I assume this will work on my virtual windows program (using vmware fusion) that will allow me to sync using a usb connection to windows side of mac?
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    That is my understanding of how virtualization works, but have not personally tried it.