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..Im sure this has been addressed, I have read 18 pages in this forum section, and yet cannot find anything helpful strictly to autofill. Of course, eyes will roll...here is my problem. When using Facebook, my autofill doesnt work, but it did before I updated my Safari. I know security issues etc, and maybe its a good thing but I never had my password saved, and autofill never put my password in, I did that manually. I also found many discussions about the upgrade Safari5 and many people complaining about the autofill problems. Everything is checked, except "user names and passwords". Is there any option to just save user names and not passwords anymore?
thank you very much < newbi poster >

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    Hi and welcome to Apple Discussions...

    Quit Safari.

    Open Keychain Access (Applications / Utilities) Select Passwords on the left.

    Delete the Facebook keychain.

    Relaunch Safari. Navigate to the Facebook page. Login with your user name and password, click Yes when prompted.

    If you still have problems, delete the "Safari Forms Autofill" keychain. Relaunch Safari and try again.

    Everything is checked, except "user names and passwords".

    That must be checked if you want Safari to save your Facebook user name and password.

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    ..thanks so much for your quick reply..Im doing that and now re-launching Safari.. fingers -crossed
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    Keep us posted.
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    well it worked..along with my password. Heres a question, and I have been using mac's since 1989 :/ If I sign on to Facebook with my email addy on another computer, will my password be there also? In other words, Im concerned if my email addy is in my INFO < facebook> then anyone can sign in. Is the 'autofill' feature enabled only by this 'my' computer?
    ..thanks so much
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    It won't work on another person's computer. For another computer you would have to login to FB with your user name and password yourself.

    As long as you don't share your admin password for your Mac, no one can login let alone access your Facebook account.

    You're welcome.
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    ..Hooray Carolyn Samit I have been filling both username/password manually, and it has gotten very tedious. You have been so helpful, and I appreciate your quick reply's. This question has surely been answered
    thank you for making my 1st apple discussion experience a good one
    ... good-day ..
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    Good day.
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    hi Carolyn, id like to know how to do something else, can you make it autofill username but not the password in fb for example, couldnt find a way or a topic. thanx