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I keep running into dead ends when I search for this topic... most have something to do with MobileMe. So here is my specific situation:

All my contacts lived on my iMac. Girl meets iPhone. All contacts are sync'd with the iPhone. All is right with the world.

Girl has to get rid of iMac and moves to a Windows 7 machine with Outlook 2003 (the only legal copy she had). Contacts sync from iPhone to Outlook just beautifully.

All contacts are in Outlook but not in groups of any sort. They are there all combined from the 2 groups I had before (mine and my husband's). This is fine with me... no problem at all... except now I want the darn groups off the iPhone. I can't figure out how to completely remove them. I even tried setting iTunes to replace the iPhone contacts and yet the groups are still there. I just wanna go back to the days before there were groups!

Windows 7