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The files in my iTunes library are in my iTunes root directory and in the iTunes music folder within the root directory. How can I get them all into the iTunes music folder? Moving them outside of iTunes causes them to be deleted, and the Organize Library option in iTunes doesn't do it.

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    Hi Hope this will help you. Found this one in e-how.com. Here it goes:
    1. Get iTunes. iTunes can be acquired through Apple's Web site, as well a number of iPod partnering Web sites. iTunes is the media library application that is designed to be compatible with your iPod, so it is the best application for the job.
    2. Add music files. The easiest way to add music files to your digital library is to download them. Downloading can be done legally from a number of different file sharing applications; however, to ensure that your files are compliant with your iPod, it is safest to download songs directly from iTunes.
    3. Organize your library. Now that you have music in your iTunes library, you can begin to organize it. Open the iTunes Preferences screen and click on the tab for Advanced options.
    4. Locate the iTunes folders. The new screen that appears will show you the General music file options. The first thing you will be able to adjust is the location of your iTunes music folder. This location can be changed by clicking on the "Change..." button and browsing for a new housing location.
    5. Organize future files. Next you will see the option to "Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized." By clicking on this feature, you will remove yourself of the burden of future file organization. iTunes will organize all new and imported files into categories such as album and artist.
    6. Store music files. You can store all of your music files in one location by placing a checkmark in the box labeled "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library." This will make finding and working with your music files easier.
    7. Apply your changes. When you are done with this screen you can click "OK" to apply all of the new management changes or you can click "Cancel" to exit without applying any of the changes you may have checked.

    Read more: How to Organize an iTunes Music Folder | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how2023667organize-itunes-folder.html#ixzz0zrZXpstA
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    First go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced, and make sure that the "iTunes Media folder location" is set where you want it.

    Then use the command File > Library > Organize Library > Consolidate Files. This command will go thru your iTunes library, and for any file that is not already in the designated folder it will put a copy there. To learn more of how it works, read the Help item "Consolidating your library." (It is irreversible, so make sure you read up first and understand it.)

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    Thanks. iTunes tansferred all the files into the iTunes music folder, so all I had to do was delete the old folders.