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I used to set a setting that would allow you to send one file via iChat from one computer to another - and have them automatically accept a file - without having to each time go click accept.

But I can't find that preference now. Anyone know how to do it?

I the computers in our office, I'd like to send files between them from time to time - and have the files automatically be accepted on the "sendee" without someone actually having to run over to it and "accept" the file.



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  • Larry Cohen1 Level 1 (60 points)
    Interesting . . . I just tried to send a Final Cut Pro time line - and it would not auto accept - and would not even accept the transfer manually - It kept ending unexpectedly??

    But I compressed (zipped) the file, and it works perfectly!

    Go figure! Anyone have an explanation?

    Thanks you,
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    I think I just found a partial answer:

    Re: ichat auto accept for file transfer? way to combine buddy lists?
    Posted: Nov 1, 2007 4:15 PM in response to: bhatsau

    You can actually. Go to iChat > Preferences > Alerts, select "Incoming File Transfers" from the pull-down menu, check "Run AppleScript", select "Auto Accept.applescript". Your file transfers will be accepted by default

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    Yes iChat does come with several AppleScripts in iChat 4 and 5 that can Auto Accept.

    The AppleScript is written in a way that allows for all the options except for Screen Share to be Auto Accepted and it is based on If statements and the Alerts settings which part then runs.

    The default scripts are held in Hard Drive/Library/Scripts/iChat and contains the Auto Decline, Auto Accept and the iTunes Remote Control

    Chax an iChat Add-On does add several functions.
    One of which is to allow Auto Accepts but also allow them to be only from certain Buddies.

    One of the other things it does is group different Buddy Lists together (you set the option in the added on Preference pane in iChat Preferences then use the Window menu to turn On an integrated Buddy list and turn Off (hide) the others).

    Larger Files do seem to do better if zipped.

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