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Hi, I have been searching around and have not seen this problem. I am unable to activate the toolbar for Itunes 10 (latest version), running Win 7 x64.

I have already disabled "Show Itunes in system tray" and "Minimize window to tray," so that is not the issue.

When I right-click on the taskbar, there is an option to show iTunes toolbar, but when I try to select it, nothing happens. (And when a toolbar is visible, it is supposed to put a checkmark, but I can't seem to get the checkmark to appear).

Does anyone have any words of wisdom? Thx... pulse4J

Gigabyte, Windows 7, x64, Itunes 10
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    Im having the same issue , and all i can find is people who havn't disabled the minimize to system tray . i wish i couLd find an answer . because this is the first time this has happened to me , i don't know why iTunes isn't one of my toolbars anymore ?