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I always seen on the IPhone 4 picture(on apple site and online) the ability to display battery measurement in percentage. But on my iPod touch, there isn't nowhere to be found. The little battery icon in the taskbar at the upper right of the iPod screen is okay at giving a rough indication of battery life remaining. Unfortunately when it comes to details the icon is not so useful. I would like to be able to activate that function like on the IPhone and iPad where the percentage shows an exact time of what the battery charge is left. I don't like to be using my device without knowing my battery life, specially when I'm not near a power outlet. I hate being surprised when I see that glaring warning, “20 percent of battery remaining” pop up unexpectedly. 

If my 4.1 IOS software not properly updated, that it doesn't let me put the % symbol next to the battery indicator icon? Is there a way to display battery percentage on the IPod(like on the IPhone), since they both run on the same software? Thanks

MacBook 1.83 Ghz; iPod touch 3rd generation 32GB, iOS 4