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I recently updated iTunes, and it appears Picture Viewer has been installed on my PC. Needless to say, I am not happy. I cannot remove it via Programs and Features, and I did not agree for it to be installed. I'd like this useless 'Picture Viewer' removed, pronto. Does anyone know how?

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    QuickTime for Windows still ships with (and installs) Picture Viewer. Older Mac versions did the same thing but Picture Viewer grew up to become Preview on the Mac OS.
    Since QuickTime can be used to open dozens of image formats Picture Viewer app is very helpful to many users with digital cameras. QuickTime Player is used to view videos from those cameras and Picture Viewer for the images.
    You should read the help files on your machine to learn how to remove software applications. Deleting Picture Viewer app will have no effect on QuickTime Player or iTunes.
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    Thanks Kirk. I am aware of QuickTime and Picture Viewer's functionality. However, Windows 7 comes with such utilities, so QuickTime and Picture Viewer are therefore redundant, unnecessary software on my machine, save for the fact that I am forced to use iTunes so my iPhone and iPod will function. I am also a photographer, so I use much more advanced software to view and edit images.

    Following my most recent iTunes (and QuickTime) update, Picture Viewer showed up in my Start menu as a new program. If it wasn't there before, why would I need it now? I am not currently at my PC to check any help files, but the usual, foolproof method of uninstalling a program in Windows 7 (via Programs and Features) does not work for Picture Viewer. It is not listed as a program or feature and therefore cannot be removed. After some research, I have found that the only way to remove Picture Viewer is to completely uninstall iTunes and QuickTime, then reinstall iTunes.