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Ankit4680 Level 1 (0 points)
Is this possible to get the trackpoint ( mostly found on Lenevo Thinkpads) installed .
Since it is possile to work simultaneously on windows , is it possibel to get a new macbook pro customised according to requirements.

Where and how to get the quotation for this ??

None, none
  • Murat Lahur Level 3 (690 points)
    a trackpoint is another usb device after all ..given that you have enough know how to go into the logic board of a macbook pro and find the internal usb bus onboard , and to drill a hole in the middle of your keyboard and glue the trackpoint in there ..I don't see why not ..

    Then it all boils down to finding the track point driver for mac and you are good to go ..
    I mean as good as it gets using a macbook power with a hole drilled in the middle

    I would like to add tho .. If you can actually get that working .. please post some pictures as I would love to see some radical modification like that . .

    keep in mind that this move will void your warranty tho
  • eww Level 9 (52,980 points)
    Practically speaking, no, it isn't possible.
  • Murat Lahur Level 3 (690 points)
    No . . it is possible .. just hard to achieve ..

    That shouldn't set you down tho .. Future is created by determined people
  • Ankit4680 Level 1 (0 points)

    Will Apple make custom laptops like that???
  • Murat Lahur Level 3 (690 points)
    This is a user to user forum and I don't represent Apple by any means ..
    So I can not answer that ...

    However my insight tells me that's rather unlikely for apple to copy someone else's design features ..
    Normally it's the other way around

    Hope this helps