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This is very odd and bothersome.

I have some 13K photos in Aperture 3, and have been successfully syncing a small subset of those with my iphone 4 via itunes 10. No problems mostly so far.

Today I added a few photos to aperture, and then synced my iphone so the new pictures would be on it. However, now I have NO photos on my iphone - none at all! And itunes is telling me that there are no photos in aperture - I can't even select the "selected projects, albums, faces...." button. Aperture seems fine - no discernable problems.

I've tried resetting the sync history in isync - no change. I've tried deleting the ipod photo cache inside the aperture photo library, no change. I CAN successfully sync with iphoto, but the pictures in there are all fairly old, and I don't want to do that. I understand there are work arounds for this, but don't want that approach - I want it to work the way it's supposed to!

Any ideas?

macbook, iphone 4, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    iSync shouldn't have anything to do with this.

    1) Be sure "share previews with iWork and iLife" is checked in Aperture's previews preferences.
    2) Be sure you actually have previews generated for the photos you want to share.
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    You are correct sir - as the isync fix didn't work. The fact that it used to work and stopped helped lead to the correct answer - somehow my aperture database got corrupted. I found this answer on the MacRumors forum, posted by MacBimmer -

    1 - Open iTunes and turn off the synch for pictures with iPhone attached. This should remove photos from iPhone.
    2 - Unmount iPhone and quit iTunes
    3 - Open Aperture while holding down the Option and Command Keys. This will offer you the opportunity to rebuild the photo library database. Do so.
    4 - After database is rebuilt and Aperture opens, close it down.
    5 - Open Finder and locate Aperture Library.
    6 - Right click on Aperture Library and click on Show Package Contents
    7 - Drag the iPod Photo Cache out of Aperture to Desktop
    8 - Resynch iPhone with iTunes. When complete, click on Photos tab and reinstall photos

    That's it. The iPod Photo Cache on desktop can be deleted as it's now rebuilt and back in it's correct place inside Aperture.

    note - I actually chose the repair database option in aperture - it was the default choice. It worked.