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Brand new IPad 16 GB WiFi + brand new Airport Extreme in bridge mode. Comparing IPad web page load speeds with side-by-side WinXP computer running IE8. Any web site will do: take www.apple.com if you want.

Problem: IPad web pages generally load much too slowly compared to IE8 on a computer 6 inches away on the same Airport Extreme network. Maybe twice as slow at worst, occasionally not much slower, but generally pathetic and annoying. WiFi signal strength is "excellent". Airport Extreme network is working great with all my (Windows) computers and devices except the IPad.

I already switched to OpenDNS on my Airport Extreme; didn't help noticeably. I would like to try disabling DNS prefetching in Safari, but don't know how to do it on the IPad. Question #1: How do I disable DNS prefetching? Question #2: Any other suggestions for this embarrassing (to Apple) problem?

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