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Hi all,
I am hoping someone can offer some suggestions.

We are a Mac household, but purchased MS Office as the adults in the house work a lot with businesses who have not converted (yet). My daughter's enlightened school has installed Macs (yay!).

However, in typical teenager style she has an assignment due tomorrow and has just informed me that she sent the assignment home and now can't open it.

Her document is in Pages, and of course, we don't actually have iWorks here at home .... grrrr

I have tried opening the Pages document in MS Word, but of course it is not recognised at all. I tried opening with Text Edit but still no success: it says the file is corrupt?

Could it be that the file is really corrupt or do I need to purchase iWorks ? I am hoping there is some workaround at the moment, just to get us through the Sunday afternoon, assignment due tomorrow blues.

Thanks for any assistance!

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