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  • Kara Kimmel Level 1 Level 1 idea.  I'm not sure this is the issue, but are you running the Sony TV as a second display or mirrored?  The only other thing I can think of is to restart the computer and/or turn off/on the TV to see if that initiates some type of communication between the two.

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    Great suggestion, zeron89! The aggregate audio device solution works very well to allow both my HDMI output and the audio output jack to work simultaneously, although more importantly for me, they both work independently without having to plug/unplug cables. Previously, if I had my powered monitor speakers plugged in to the audio output jack on my mini, it prevented the HDMI output carrying audio to a Samsung plasma TV. Now when I want to listen to music, I turn on the speakers and operate the mac mini from my iphone using the Remote app. When I watch recorded TV programs from the mac mini (eyeTV recordings), the audio plays through the TV speakers and is controlled by the TV remote volume control. Perfect for my needs!

  • Henry Olders Level 1 Level 1

    As a followup, further experimentation shows that the Samsung TV settings also determine whether HDMI audio works or not. If I set the source name to DVI PC, no sound via HDMI; if set to PC, HDMI sound works; set the name to something else, and the display is no longer pixel-for-pixel. So the only setting that works is PC.

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    Glad to see that it's working for others! Yeah it works for me just fine. There are some caveats with it though. If i have on the TV input for while then change to the mini's input (HDMI for me) the sound will not be there. (usually) Simple fix for me is to put the cpu to sleep then...wake after a couple seconds and the sound is back. Would be nice to have it always there. Hopefully a firmware or software update will fix that. As of now it's a just a minor inconvience to me. Hope this works for others!

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    Similar probs with MacBook Pro - no sound via HDMI. Looked at lots of Mac forums and took advice which was - adjust settings which did (many times) but still no sound. Went to local Computer shop to buy adapter for headphone socket and leads to TV (another suggestion from a forum) - Guy said no need HDMI carries sound - argued mine didn't and brought my HDMI cable to shop - he took one look at it & said it was C**P, sold me Gold Plated 2Metre HDMI for £10 ($13) - worked perfectly first time, felt an idiot. Motto is - don't go trying to mess up your Mac settings before trying the obvious 'physical' method! Bit like when I got a mini CD 'Suck' in Drive - nothing would eject it, happened to be carrying it with drive side facing down and gravity did the rest, CD just 'Fell' out - advice is 'tip MacBook up and shake it (Drive side down).

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    I have the exact same problem as you,  I am currently using the RocketFish Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter and am in the exact situation as you.  I think it is simply because of the adapter.  On the box, it says "Note: this adapter will support audio only if your source device allows audio output throught the Mini DisplayPort interface"  I'm not quite sure what that is supposed to mean but I suppose it means it doesn't work with MacBooks, Macs, etc.  My brother has a different adapter and it works just fine...

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    Thank you Kara.  Your info was the missing link to me getting audio on my TV.  I didn't get it from the official sources I checked with.  Funnily my macbook pro is connected to my Sony Bravia TV. You saved the day!

    Best to you,  Timothea

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    Same problem as everyone. I have a MacBook Pro 2011 running Lion and a LG as a TV. It looked impossible, I tried everything for about one hour and after... it just got solved with a simple reboot, as someone explained! Many many thanks to everyone for your inputs and feedback!

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    I was experiencing the same problem. This time however, I went to Audio MIDI Set Up (Its an Application) and played with the Integer Settings. As I selected one, Audio started to stream to the TV. I suggest trying that.

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    Good Suggestion @Kara I just upgraded to Mountain Lion last night and this was the fix for me! Simple and Easy! Didn't have to mess with Audio MIDI Set Up this time around like i did in Lion.



    Also unrelated but Firewire Recording/Watching works now with Mountain Lion...didn't work under Lion.


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    I also had this issue with my mid-2010 Mac mini. After several reboots and turning the tv off and on I noticed when I opened the System Peferences and the clicked on sound, a pull down bar appeared on the right of the device menu and then the pull down bar quickly disappears.


    You can hover your mouse on any source hold down the left click and pull down and you should see HDMI output appear on the bottom of the screen.


    This worked for me!



    Good Luck,



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    Thanks David. This helped me as well. My devices are:


    TV - Samsung UE40ES5500

    Macbook - OSX Lion

    Player - VLC

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    With Lion I didn't have a problem. After Mountain Lion install, no sound to TV.

    Thanks Alex.bayoti, Audio Midi worked for me.

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    I've got a Mac mini (mid 2011) and an LG HDTV.  So far, the only problem I've had is with YouTube.  I get HDMI audio on my LG HDTV for everything else that I've used.


    When I run the Audio MIDI Setup app (with a YouTube video playing), I can select HDMI as the output device, but can't hear the YouTube audio, even though I get results with the speaker test.


    I originally bought the LG TV for my AppleTV, which is where I first ran into this lack of HDMI audio for YouTube videos.  When I send a YouTube video to my AppleTV from my Mac mini, there is no audio.  If I used the YouTube app on the AppleTV, I can play the same video with sound.


    At this point, I'm not sure if this is YouTube or Mac-specific.  Its very frustrating.

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    I have a mac mini (Mac OS X 10.6.8) connected Sony XBR (XS960). I had this issue where mac mini display shows up fine on TV when connected via HDMI but no sound. I checked Preferences -> Sound , and I can see two options 1) Internal Speaker -- Bult-in & 2) Sony TV -- HDMI . There would be no sound even if Sony TV is selected.


    After lot of trial, following thing worked.

    1) Turn the TV on. Make sure your tv is set to same INPUT (AV/IN) for HDMI.

    2) Turn the Mac mini on.


    Now if the TV is turned on before the Mac Mini, Display and Sound just works fine.


    If you turn the Mac mini on, and even if your tv was on but not in the HDMI mode the sound won't work. Even if you chaned to HDMI mode after turning the mac on.