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    I kind of have the same problem with HDMI sound. Basically I have my my TV connected to HDMI and my video amp connected to Built in digital output. When I chose to send the sound to the Digital Output it works 100% of the time, when I decide to send the sound to the HDMI output (Preferences sound or Audio Midi Set up), it will work once in a while.

    To make it work, I do not need to shut down the Mini and and start it again, going to sleep mode for 1 second and then waking up will give me back the sound on the HDMI output. Loggin in/out has not affect at all.

    It looks there is a bug out there but I am not sure any fix will happen soon.

    Is there anybody who does not have this kinf of random behaviour on the HDMI output ?



  • Martin Le Level 1 (0 points)

    It is very very easy and i am 100% sure that you guys can solve it basicly when you connect to the TV, go to System Preferences>>> go to Sound>>> Select "Output" >>> Chooes the Devides that you are connecting

    That's this

    Wish this help


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    I wish it would be so easy... Altough the device appear in System Preference the sound does not go through even if you select the relevent ouput either with the menu you have indicated or by Audio Midi Set-Up.

    Basically the link between the Mini and the TV for the sound has been lost. It will be back only if you only if you plug the TV first forcing the Mini to get the information again. It may be only linked to my TV in particular but many people have this bug.

    I could solve it by adding an HDMI EDID emulator so that the Mini will always see the TV even if the TV is not connected. This is the best solution as far as I am concerned.

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    I fixed it with my issue, maybe yours.

    My mini defaulted audio to internal speaker

    Instead of hdmi to Vizio monitor/speakers.

    The only way to correct this was to restart the Mac Mini.

    After much research I read and understood the handshake

    between devices and have experimented for two weeks with

    starting up the Mac Mini from sleep before I turned on the

    HDMI Visio monitor; problem solved, hope it helps you.

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    Thanks zeron89. This fixed my problem.


    The problem was that I could not switch to HDMI while my headphone output was occupied. I would have to unplug and then I could switch to HDMI.

    Here is a knowledgebase article from Apple:


    I can now switch to the aggregate device which then allows me to play audio through HDMI without having to unplug.

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    I've read all these post but I am still not seeing my issue:


    I have my Mini connected via HDMI cord to my Pioneer Elite receiver then the receiver is connected to my Sony projector  via another HDMI.  The I get a great picture from my projector but NO sound from my receiver. When I go to the sound options.  HDMI is not available to my as an option.  The only option I am allowed are the internal speakers.  Why can't the mini identify that I am using the HDMI port and give me the option to port sound through it??? 


    So frustrating....



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    I've been pulling my hair out. Finally decided it was my HDMI cable. So I unplugged the really nice one from my DVR, and hooked it up.


    My symptoms are this. A Mac Mini (2010 model). If I attempt to choose the sound device to be my TV (click on it), it blinks but goes back to the "Internal Speakers".


    I've tried rebooting, powering off/on the equipment. Everything else here... including the Audio Midi settings.


    Then I tried one last thing. I unplugged my external speakers that were plugged into the headphone jack.


    Now the TV is selectable, and I have sound.


    Why would Apple do something SO STUPID between Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion?



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    As mentioned by ufa some posts ago, here is the kb article about the headphone thing:

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    I had the same problem what I had to do was go to Audio MIDI Setup and change the format from 44100.0hz to 48000.0hz than everything worked fine for me

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    This worked for me. Great work around.

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    hey guys,


    I had the same problem with my mac mini. What I did to fix the problem or at least avoid to reboot everytime was to go to "energy saver" on system preferences and set screen and computer to don't sleep. Now I have to put on the sleep mode manually each time I need it but the sound is working fine when it come back from sleep.

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    This is ridiculous.


    I have the same problem with one of my two Mac Minis. 


    The one connected to a Samsung display via HDMI has no audo at all.  I have tried every suggestion in this posting and the KBs listed in it. 


    What's really irritating is that straight out of the box, my second Mac Mini plugged into my LG TV works flawlessly and I have not had to configure anything. 


    At first, I was thinking this WAS a handshake issue (HDCP is notoriously flakey between certain devices connected via HDMI).  But that's a failure of the consumer electronics manufacturers' implementation of HDCP on HDMI.  It's a bug no matter how you slice it. 


    Apple - you need to fix this. 

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    OK, I officially hate my Mac mini.


    I have tried every suggestion in this thread, and I have tried everything in the KBs linked in this thread, and I conclude that my Mac Mini is a POS that was made in China at 4:30 PM on a Friday.


    I have absolutely zero sound from my monitor with sound set to output via HDMI to it.  It used to work just fine.


    I have absolutely zero sound through internal speakers EXCEPT alert sounds.  This also used to work. 


    No sound from iTunes, no sound from the web.  And now I can't insert a disc into my external CD ROM.  And I when I try to access my CD ROM to see if there's a disk inside to eject, the only options I get are what to do if I insert a disc (e.g. launch itunes if it's a music CD, etc.).


    So I just shut down my Mac Mini (again), and the Samsung monitor, and then powered them back up.  Then I had no sounds at all, except for itunes and alert sounds -- through the internal speaker.  I went into settings and checked the sounds, and for some reason, the restart changed my output settings from the Samsung HDMI device to internal speaker.  When I select the HDMI output, itunes will play itunes radio through my monitor's speakers!  Hooray!  Problem solved, right?  Uh uh. 


    Still no web audio - at all. 

    Still can't insert a disc in the CD ROM.


    I have another Mac Mini that is also connected via HDMI to a TV / Monitor, and have never had to configure anything, and it has just worked.  ***, Apple? 


    Have I mentioned that I hate my Mac Mini? 


    For all the reputation that Apple has had with making elegant, user-intuitive devices, I have to say the company absolutely ***** in this regard in the past couple of years.  Quality control and consistency and user intuitiveness have gone swirling down the Foxcon toilet.  I have two identical iPads that I bought the same day.  The iOS load is identical, but one has features in the settings that are only supposed to exist on the 3G models, and the other doesn't.  I took it in to the Genius Bar, and the guy said "wow, that's weird.  It's not supposed to have that."  I have other iPads that I configure for people at work, and have run into several instances where identical models with the same iOS but the options in settings are different (i.e. some settings don't even appear in one, but exist in another). 


    I guess there's something to be said for Steve Jobs' petulant nano-management that kept Apple in line. 


    I still hate my Mac Mini. 

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    I have recently purchased a used Mac Mini (Late 2009) and tried to get sound out using an HDMI cable pluged into the mini display port. I have tried both my Samsung TV, and Yamaha receiver, both of which are capable of using HDMI video+audio inputs. When I go to the Audio MIDI setup, the only option available is "Internal Speakers". Is this Late 2009 model not capable of HDMI audio, or does it not recognize either the Samsung TV or Yamaha receiver as audio outputs?


    I plan to purchase a mini Toslink to Toslink cable to try the optical output, and try that.



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    My Mac Mini was doing the same this. At first the audio worked, then a few days later the audio quit working for no apparent reason. But I have figured out how to fix this, well at least for me. What you have to do is make sure you have your Audio selected to your TV, then with the Mac Mini still on and awake showing on the TV you need to TURN OF YOUR TV, and then turn it back on. This should correct the issue and your audio should be working now. This is what I did and it fixed it right away, and I hope this solves your issue as well seeing as the symptoms are the same.