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Hi, I love that Nike has the iPhone app that tracks your distance. But I'm constantly worried that I'm going to lose my iPhone out of my pocket. And I'm afraid that it is going to get wet. What have others done to take advantage of the iPhone functionality while running but protecting your iPhone? I used to have an old iPod and didn't mind just carrying it in my hand while jogging but because this is my phone I'm afraid that I'm going to drop it and will lose my phone. If I put in my pocket (as I'm doing now) I'm afraid that it will fly out of my pocket while jogging (or getting over obstacles, steps not boulders lol). I am looking at getting shorts where the pockets zip up or get the arm band for it. But too I'm concerned about moisture. One thing I'm thinking of doing is putting my iPhone in a sandwich bag to protect from moisture and then the arm band.

But mostly I'm looking for ideas others are doing when jogging with their iPhone.

Worst case, the iPhone falls out of my pocket while running. Falls into a puddle and the screen breaks.

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