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  • taktwerk Level 1 Level 1

    Well... I wasn't going to the store. Instead I ordered these little parts, opened the iPod following the instructions from, replaced them and now it's working fine again... :)

  • BugsDad Level 1 Level 1

    Good job, taktwerk!


    Good luck with the device.  Since having mine repaired, I've been treating it like it's some priceless, delicate egg that could break at any moment and I find myself holding my breath every time I depress the power button.  Still, it's worth it to have my soundtrack to life and my running music back.

  • MariaY Level 1 Level 1

    It happened to me coulple weeks ago, i'm in Russia, and the service centre said that scratches on the body of Ipod void the warranty! What should I do?

  • wvernon Level 1 Level 1

    Do you have any nuke's left over from the cold war that could be dropped on Cuppertino?  That might get their attention.

  • Speedbird27 Level 1 Level 1

    you can just add another one. Mine sliver Nano 6th gen just got its button stuck too. got it from the replacement program in Last year January. After normal use as a watch and car audio player for little over a year. i will call the support tomorrow and may goto Apple store this weekend to see what will they do. But i think i will print the whole thing from this post with me just in case. 

  • Jake870 Level 1 Level 1

    My second replacement has the same issue.  Warranty expired so Apple wants to charge for a replacement, not worth it in my opinion it will suffer the same issue again.

  • Conor M0 Level 1 Level 1

    This issue just happened to my wife's iPod Nano - sleep button not responding.  I have the camera connection kit for my iPad and when I plug one of the two dongles in to the nano it wakes up again.  Not a solution but definitely a workaround.  She just has to remember to carry around the connector!

  • Prof.G Level 1 Level 1

    I also have the SAME problem as MANY other - iPod 6th Gen owners.

    The Sleep/Wake button on my iPod 6th Gen is stuck down i.e. BROKEN!

    *It still work's fine when connected to a power supply.


    It would appear from the Amount of Complaints on the Apple forum about the iPod 6th Gen - Stuck Sleep/Wake button, it's as the result an Obvious Design Defect on a product that surely should have been re-called by now..??

    At the very least be replaced or fixed by Apple, wether it's under the 1 year warranty or not as a good will gesture; for this defective apparently "High End" product that's average lifespan seems to be a mere 18 months at best.


    I purchased my iPod 6th Gen on the 3rd FEB 2012 from the Apple Store in Braehead, Glasgow.

    I have used it Very little, only a few times a week, it's been well looked after and is in Mint condition.

    It is now the 29th March 2013, unfortunately roughly 2 months after the products 1 year warranty.

    *Only 14 months lifespan for my £129 iPod 6th Gen (16 GB) nano!

    So i'm well aware from the Apple forum post'S, that i will most probably be told i will have to Pay £65 for the Defective iPod 6th Gen i purchased in good faith to be replaced.


    I will be returning the iPod to the Apple Store in Braehead, Glasgow this weekend and i will Highlight the amount of post's on this Apple Forum regarding the design defect to them -

    Hopefully??? my customer service experience will not be as Bad as the Majority of  "APPLE CUSTOMER'S" on here... i will keep you posted...

  • Prof.G Level 1 Level 1

    Kazmo01 - Interested to know which?? GLASGOW - Apple Store replaced your iPod 6th Gen with Stuck Sleep/Wake button after your 1 year warranty was up, as a good will gesture when they seen the amount of complaints about this design defect on the Apple Forum.


    Do reply please if you see this post. Thank you.

  • Prof.G Level 1 Level 1

    Kazmo01 - Interested to know which?? GLASGOW - Apple Store replaced your iPod 6th Gen with Stuck Sleep/Wake button after your 1 year warranty was up, as a good will gesture when they seen the amount of complaints about this design defect on the Apple Forum.


    Do reply please if you see this post. Thank you.

  • Kazmo01 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Prof G, I got mine replaced at Braehead. The day the button got stuck I was in the city centre so I popped into Buchanan St but the guy I spoke to told me 'too bad', I came home and googled the problem and found this forum. When it became clear that this was a common problem I made an appointment at the genius bar at Braehead (it was easier to get to on a Friday night). Before I went I printed off the entire discussion thread (at that point it was about 20 pages, so much more now I would imagine!), so I went in and told the man behind the bar what was wrong. Again I was told as it was 4 week over the one year warranty I would have to pay £65, I said that £160 (think that was the original price, as I explained at the store it was a birthday gift so I never bought it) was not an acceptable price for something that only has a life span of 13/14 months.  I showed him the printouts, told him they came frpm apple's own website forum but he said he couldn't verify where I got them. At that point I askef for the customer service and head office contact details, he asked if I wanted to speak to the manager, I did so he went to get him, he came back about 5-10 min later without the manager and said that they would replace it this once as a goodwill gesture.  Had to comeback a couple days later after they ordered it in and give them the old one back (I deleted all my music etc). My new one has been fine, I dont use it everyday (same as with tbe old one), I was a difficult customer and I did say to tbe guy that I appreciated his help. But I dont think I got a new Ipod,  I think it was a reconditioned one as the menu options were a tiny bit ddifferent,  makes me think my old one was sent away and fixed then probably sold as a reconditioned one (who knows!).


    Hope you get your's replaced,  this is clearly a design fault.  Good luck!

  • JalenaM Level 1 Level 1

    Oh yay, just happened to me! i was listening to my music (ipod working fine), then went to change the song, and the button was stuck! so i made an appointment for thursday, and i'm going to bring this whole discussion. it's 7 months old, do you think it will be replaced for free? and i didn't buy it from apple nor do i have the receipt....

  • timmycook58 Level 1 Level 1

    Sleep button got stuck after 12 months usage..... I got it replaced for free!!! eventhough it was out of warranty.



    Here's how I did it.


    Booked appt, went to my local apple store (Covent Garden, London) and arrived at the Genius bar. Explained the sleep button issue, the Geniusguy offerred me two things: 1. £55 and get a new 6th gen nano  2. 10% off any apple product.


    I asked if there was anything else he can offer me. He said no.... haha QUE RANT


    Pulled out 30 page print out of this thread. Explained how this is a common issue and is a clear design fault. He came back with a few comments, but I stuck to it and really highlighted that it's a clear default, and the fact it hasn't been recalled is ridiculous. Then I went in for the gut shot "when I bought the nano, I thought I was getting a premium product" then he said "you did" lol. I carried on saying how I didn't realise I was buying into a product that had a 12 month lifespan....that REALLY upset the genius guy, then I went in for the final headshot, pointed to the print out and showed an example of a customer being given a new one out of warranty for kindness. He said "let me speak to my manager"


    Came back 5 mins and gave me a new sixth generation nano. JOB DONE


    Kind of gutted didn't get the latest nano, as it's possible the sleep button will get stuck again, but hey I'll just do the same thing again.



    Good Luck everyone, it can be done if you persist! Apple Customer service is the best!


    The genius guy said, it helped that my name is Tim Cook (the Apple CEO) LOL




  • JalenaM Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks, but..... before I saw this post, I took it to the apple store and this is what happened: he looked up the serial number and found out that my ipod is a refurbished one, dating back to 2005, it's been refurbished twice. Any suggestions????

  • timmycook58 Level 1 Level 1

    I was in the exact same situation. Mine was a replacment from the first gen.


    You bought that first gen nano on the basis it was a premium product and would last a lifetime.  It was a recalled and they replaced it with ANOTHER defective nano - this is unacceptable. You are well within your right for a free replacement.


    In the end, it's just not relevant. All they should care about is whether it's in warranty or not.


    I would just keep persisting, they will do it eventually. Argue logically

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