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  • gouthamanugrah Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    it costs me? but it is not my mistake

  • leo_matthews Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ha, absolutely right. A manufacturing error/design flaw which loyal consumers end up paying for.

    One sure fire way to damage your brand and lose custom!

  • RGCorris Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    If it was bought new nine months ago then it is still under the original twelve-month warranty and they should replace it for free.



  • gouthamanugrah Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i took it to service centre. i hope they will replace it for free. thank you all

  • Juanfra3 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It happened to me a few weeks ago, the system shows that my warranty expired, but I found my ticket which proves that I bought it in July 28. Now I'm waiting reply from the support guys. I will tell you how it goes.

  • iPod_has_ongoing_Button_issue Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, this is an ongoing problem with Apple product.  Two of my iPhone had this issue, and my son's iPod.  Well, after three same problem, I should learn my lesson.  iPhone 5 is on the way.  I wish Apple take this issue a little more serious.

  • deggie Level 9 Level 9 (51,745 points)

    The power/sleep button on the iPhone is a different design than the 6th Generation Nano. But they are both mechanical buttons that can and do wear out which can be hastened by overuse. I've had all of Apple's devices with a similar button and none of mine have broken.


    Cars also have such an ongoing issue with brakes. I can keep mine about 3 times longer than my sister.

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    I bought my nano 6 early 2011 I have use it for a year and a month then this problem occurred I went to apple authorized dealer near my home in Bangkok and pay about 80 usd to get and exchange after I got exchange the new iPod then less than 6 months this problem comes again I call that dealer they said warranty is cover only 2 months why too short and they told me to ask apple that they can do anything for me that's why I'm here so disappointed

  • clackner Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My main button broke on my iPod nano (6th generation) 1 year and 4 months after the purchase date. I have received the runaround from the Apple Store and AppleCare phone system. They said they can't fix it and that I can get a replacement (aka refurbished) version for $81 (including tax). The store could replace it for ~$60, but they could not engrave it to match the broken Ipod. In addition to paying $81, they expected me to send back my broken version and did not plan to mail the new Ipod until they received the broken one. What if the broken one didn't ship properly?

    I have my old original Ipod and it still works, so I guess I will be using that one again! This iPod nano (6th generation) is very disappointing and Apple representatives are even more disappointing. I've been an Apple user since 1997 and have never had as many problems with them as I have had this year. Quality has gone way downhill since 1997 and they are slowly losing my business.

  • deggie Level 9 Level 9 (51,745 points)

    I can't see the runaround that you are getting. They don't repair Nanos they do an out-of-warranty replacement. You are well out of your warranty, unless you purchased AppleCare.


    They quoted you the correct prices for both the engraved and not engraved (free engraving does not apply to an out-of-warranty replacement). All companies expect you to send it in first, and as far back as I can remember Apple always has with small electronics.


    So you have had one iPod break and this shows that Apple has gone downhill? Are you leaving some other problems out?

  • clackner Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi deggie- do you work for Apple? Why do you comment on everyone’s posts? To answer your questions with one answer; the background behind my comments seemed superfluous and didn’t all relate to my broken button(the purpose of this discussion)... But to answer you…

    1. It took me two, half hour conversations with AppleCare (I was put on hold numerous times to “find that answer”) and a very long visit to an Apple store to find out that the buttons on IPods break all the time and can’t be fixed (despite being considered a ‘green company’). The first person I talked to on the phone told me I should go to an Apple store to see if the manager would help me out and give me a new IPod for free (or decreased replacement cost), like others who posted here, since I was only 4 months over the 1 year warranty—that’s when the runaround began.
    2. I didn’t purchase AppleCare for an IPod—I kept it in a rubber case and it wasn’t used every day. I had no idea that an IPod could break for no reason in less than 1.5 years. If I knew that this generation of IPod would have such an annoying hardware problem, maybe I would have considered AppleCare for it (or more likely, purchased a regular MP3 player).
    3. The AppleCare phone rep quoted me for $75 plus tax; the people in the store incorrectly quoted me ~$60, but they couldn’t engrave it to match my original due to no engraving equipment; hence I called AppleCare a second time. And, you are incorrect—according to the AppleCare Supervisor last night, engraving is free, even on an out-of-warranty replacement.
    4. Speaking of the replacement, last night was the first time I heard that you need to send a broken IPod back before they’ll send a new one. After the first couple times I spoke with Apple reps, I was under the impression that since they saw the broken button with their own eyes, they would send a new one without me needing to send the old one back. In addition, you can purchase a newer version refurbished IPod for $99 on the Apple website—why would I pay $81 for a refurbished older version AND need to send back my original?
    5. No—my one broken button did not make me jump to the conclusion that Apple has gone downhill. I have experienced this downfall with my other Apple devices. (My 1st generation IMac from 1997 still works. So does my original IPod Nano; hence I believe that older Apple products last longer). But, I had an older MacBook that started to crash 3 months before its 3-year AppleCare plan expired last year. I called AppleCare numerous times, dealt with many incompetent staff, was transferred to numerous people, and visited the Apple store a couple times. No one could figure out why the computer would randomly crash; they agreed it was extremely slow but couldn’t figure it out. Then, 2 months after AppleCare expired, it completely crashed. I took it to a different Apple store and they immediately diagnosed the problem. They told me if I had brought it to them before AppleCare expired, they would have fixed it for free. Unfortunately, Apple as a company wouldn’t stand by their product and the nice store reps couldn’t help me. If only I had brought it to store 2 before store 1 (that couldn’t diagnose the issue)!
    6. There you have it; that’s why I have lost faith in Apple. And yes, the broken IPod button was a last straw. If they can’t create an IPod that has buttons that last for 2 or more years, can’t diagnose computer problems, can’t train their AppleCare support staff to figure out answers before the 30 minute mark, and in general, can’t stand by their products and admit when basic hardware problems (like buttons) are not the user’s fault, then I will stop being such a loyal customer.
  • deggie Level 9 Level 9 (51,745 points)

    No, I don't work for Apple.


    1. Can't answer why it took so long unless they were checking with supervisors. Apple provides you with a service replacement unit and takes the one you return and refurbishes it. Pretty green.


    2. "Only" 4 months? That's a pretty significant time period. I've had my 6th Generation since it came out but I don't use the button a lot. It is a mechanical moving part, they break.


    3. You may be right about the engraving, I usually sell older equipment and engraving hurts the resale value.


    4. It may have been the first time you heard it but it has always been that way. There are some exceptions for iPhones.


    5. I would call AppleCare and ask to be transferred to customer service. As long as you had your MacBook in for the problem prior to the expiration of the warranty they should have repaired it, assuming it was the same issue. I'm surprised the manager you asked to speak to didn't tell you this.


    6. I suggest you do research and buy your future equipment from whichever company is rated 2nd in customer service.



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    Just happened to me earlier my nano 's sleep button was ******' stuck.

    Im definitely going to apple for this. Uh-oh.

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    This actually happened to me twice. The first time it happened, I took it to the Genius Bar and they replaced it that day. About a month ago, my new one, the volume up button got lodged, but that I can deal with, with volume control headphones, but last night the home button lodged. This seems to be a much more common issue than I thought and manufacturers should really do something to fix this problem so we don't have to keep getting new ipods.

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    The question is: what are we going to do about it? How can we make Apple take responsibility for this problem? They are at fault and should have issued a recall to replace or fix this issue and instead they are trying to make us all pay for their faulty product, after we have shelled out hundreds on the unit and music and accessories. Do we need to organize a rally at our local Apple stores? It's pretty simple for them to make it right and replace the faulty 6th generation iPod Nano unit. Now I will never buy another Apple product if this is how they treat customers and shovel out crappy hardware. No iPhones, no Mac books, NOTHING APPLE EVER AGAIN. All they have to do is fix this and would have had a happy customer for life but they didn't and now this company should feel some kind of sting - if only someone could organize a big event to challenge them and make them feel it in their wallets...

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