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  • SHarman1381 Level 1 (0 points)

    Right. The whole thing is BS. They are not taking responsibility. If my TV power button stopped working after 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, that is a pretty crappy TV. So, thanks Apple for the crap product!

  • SHarman1381 Level 1 (0 points)

    Was it within the one-year warranty period?

  • iPod_has_ongoing_Button_issue Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple has installed the timer bomb called the stuck sleep button.  Live with it.  Or get the F out of here and don't buy their product.  I got my three iPhones, two iPod and one iPad with stuck button.  Now, I am buying Galaxy.   It took me a while to learn the lesson. 

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    You definitely beat me. I have heard about this timer bomb button failure from others too. I don't think it is a conspiracy theory - it is the truth. I am buying a Galaxy for my next phone too, will never trust Apple hardware again.

  • John_in_Calgary Level 1 (0 points)

    I got my two iPod nano 6 gens as replacements for my 4+ year old iPod nanos first gen because of the replacement program. Both 6th gen nanos broke within three months while being used by two different people. I couldn't use the warranty because apple saw my original purchase of the iPod nano first gen as the start of coverage.


    I remain upset that I sent in two working but possible fire hazards to get two fragile and soon broken iPods in return. The first gen was well built.


    I am glued to my iPhone however, picked up an iPod touch and so on. For all this issue drives me crazy I cannot spit on the company as a whole. I do which they had a better repair option available. Or even would have let me get my replacements replaced.

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    You have a 90 day warranty on the 6th Gen nanos you received based upon the date that you received them.

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    90 days? They sure didn't act like I could do anything other then pay $79 for them to be repaired. If that is true then I am even madder at the poor service tech I called on the phone. I tried to be polite but when I was told my service plan expired four years before i even received my iPod 6 I did get a little sarcastic.


    It's all in my apple file under this ID if anyone official wants to confirm dates.

  • deggie Level 9 (52,100 points)

    Call AppleCare, ask to be transferred to customer service and relate the story to them.

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    Thirteen pages and no end in sight

    and more one-offs to add to the blight

    our voices imploring

    but Apple ignoring

    Unwilling to make this all right


    But still we persist to report

    with only Deggie's retort

    "For goodness' sake,"

    "Quit whining, things break"

    Go crying to Apple Support


    But the problem is such a small part

    best to make it right from the start

    customer loyalty?

    treat 'em like royalty

    and don't upset the great Apple cart


    This is just sad, that's all.  It's a problem.  It's easy to fix.  Mechanical things break occasionally, but the gross repetition of this problem is beyond just a simple, unsurprising, little thing - it's a chronic defect.  Defended poorly by Deggie and frantically ignored by Apple ("Here, use COmmunity SUpport to air your frustration and we'll hope the dead end of it all discourages you from real effective action.) we will not see much satisfaction from all this typing, it seems.

    Anyway, on the bright side, my Nano, repaired by a friendly jeweler friend last February for a third less than what Apple demanded, STILL WORKS!!!!  (see earlier posts for the repair of the 'magical dot').  Hang tough Nano owners!

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    Love it!

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    Jumping on the band wagon, SAME PROBLEM. Sleep/wake button stuck through no fault of my own, but rather a CLEAR FAULT IN DESIGN AS EVIDENT IN THIS THREAD'S NUMEROUS RESPONSES. However, I don't see why I'm wasting my time posting here. Apple clearly does not care about its customers and produces GARBAGE products. GARBAGE.


    Never should have mailed in my 1st gen ipod nano under their "replacement" program. They replaced my fire hazard 1st gen piece of garbage all right, with a 6th gen piece of garbage.



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    Couldn't agree more.

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    Just a me-too message for statistics purpose. Two years of careful usage, stuck button, nothing to do. The shorter product lifespan, the higher income. Cheers, Apple.

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    Well the sleep/wake button on my 6G nano just stuck today. Funny thing is I got this nano as a free replacement for my old 1G nano that Apple recalled for faulty batteries a couple of years ago (not that I ever experienced any issues with it).


    The only thing I ever used the 6G nano for was in the car, the clip and its small size made it ideal for attaching near my car's radio/cassette/CD player console on the dashboard. A 7G model  hasn't got a clip and is too big to fit there anyway so it's useless as a replacement, while the shuffle  has only 2GB of storage, which isn't really enough after filling the full 8GB on the nano. Sigh.

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    add me into this too


    I got my 6th gen as replacement of my 1st gen. I brought it to France to study abroad and suddenly button doesn't even work so I CANT EVEN TURN THIS ON! I went into apple store today in france and they said it would cost about $70 if I understood them right. I need to figure this out to fix... sighhhhhh