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  • brferrero Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    it just happened to me. The same sleep/wake button stucked!! And my iPod 6th is out of warranty!! I hope an i can have it replaced as soon as possible!

  • SeizeDay Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Mine is 6G and just has the same  stuck button on volume down. And definitely it's just over one year....gosh!


    Unbelievable that so many have the same issue. So far I've not seen way to fix. Can anyone help?

  • lkon Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My iPod Nano 6G was replaced about a year ago (after 2 months of purchase) for the stuck button issue. The replacement developed the same issue a few days ago. I just returned from the Apple store where they asked for £65 for a swap.  I do not want to pay a premium on top of an already pricy item that is poorly designed. According to the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (ammended version) in the UK, "satisfactory quality" means (among other things) that  products must last a reasonable time.


    I will contact customer service on Monday to make a formal complaint. I am also submitting the case to Watchdog in the UK - I believe that this matter requires wider coverage. I will create an online poll where you can indicate whether your iPod Nano 6G has developed faults with buttons not depressing. This is by no means a formal way to collect data, but at least it can provide some indication to Apple about how many people are experiencing this problem.

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    Happened to me too today. Just over 1 year since I got it. I called customer service and was told about the £65 replacement cost. Absolute joke. Especially as some people have said they didn't even get brand new ones as replacements. I thought I might just cave in and buy a new one but after reading how many other people have had the same problem I'm hesitant to throw money down the drain.


    I'm not sure who to complain to (since this discussion board site seems to be a waste of time judging by the amount of people who've had this problem with no help.) but I really want to do it. The feedback section of the apple site isn't a proper way to complain either as I would like to get a response from someone. Looks like I'll just be throwing £100 away for another poorly made product. Jokes on me.

  • franciscofrompuebla Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I think we should create a facebook page called " ipod nano 6g *****!! " do you agree????

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    It's as if there were certain units that are meant to break down right after the 1 year warranty. Mine broke down 2 months after the warranty. Sadly, there were no other option but to replace it and to pay at least $100. I really like the design of the 6th gen but I don't see the point of getting another one when they would stress that the warranty would run up to 90 days only. (I get the hint that they would not even replace it for a new one).


    The plead for a version update that could turn on the nano even by pressing the volume buttons alone wasn't even considered. This might be the last apple product that I would purchase. I'm really disappointed.

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    Do not give up. My button stuck after just over a year of use (8 weeks out of warranty), I wrote on here about it. I printed off the entire discussion thread, took it to the store, told them everything that happened. They wanted £65 to replace it so I demanded head office and customer service contact details, told the man at the genius bar that this was clearly a design fault, showed him all the pages I printed off. He went to get the manager so I could talk to him, came back 5 min later and said they would replace it as a 'goodwill gesture'. On receiving the new iPod it works fine but I believe it to be a reconditioned one and not a brand new one. When this one brakes (which after this experience I believe it will) I will not be buying another Apple product.

    I will add though that the guy in the shop was helpful, I was deliberately a difficult customer (didn't want to be!) but this product should last longer and Apple need to improve the way the treat people. Also I did have to give them my old iPod before I got the new one, I have a feeling they will fix the button and recondition it.

    And, Apple needs a customer service department we can speak/communicate with, telling us to write on the feedback page which they don't reply to (and clearly don't read!) is not acceptable!

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    Sorry, I am reposting my reply from another thread here...I think it might be more helpful here:


    Yeah, yeah, same problem here. My nano is 1.5 years old, so the apple store people said there is nothing they could do except offer to sell me a refurbished one for $95....ripoff. A new one would cost me $129. I am disappointed that apple would not have some sort of special repair program in place for this obvious design flaw. As Roberto pointed out on his website (see more below), this problem is caused by a shim that slips to the side because it is held in place by a tiny piece of double back tape....lame design flaw!


    Anyhoo...I don't expect apple to care about me even though I own three iPods, two high end iMacs, and three iPhones. Instead, I found a website that explained the problem. Then I followed some instructions on YouTube showing me how to open up the iPod. Putting these various information sources together, I opened mine up and was able to fix the problem in about 20 minutes. It takes some careful work and some small tools, but it is doable. I did not glue the shim back in place because I am lazy. I just shifted it back into position over the sticky tape and pressed down on it. Hopefully it will not slip sideways again for a couple years. I will also make a point in the future to push this button squarely in the center rather than on one of the sides...pushing the side of the button gradually squeezes the shim out of place. I used a tiny metal screw driver instead of the plastic tools that people show in the YouTube videos, so I sorta scratched the edge of the screen a little, but no big deal for me. Also the mini pieces of tape around the inside edge of the nano are really tough to get back perfectly in place. Whatever...It works now.


    Roberto's website is


    You can find many disassemble videos on YouTube if you search for "iPod 6th gen repair screen."


    Good luck!

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    Hi, it's me again...formerly Zambu, now Zimbu98 (changed my screenname). Just wanted to add some full disclosure about my hack-job repair yesterday. Yes, my ipod now works again...sorta. I noticed today when I was using it more intensely that the slider for fast forward is now not working quite right. It seems somewhat dead in some portions of the screen. Probably I messed up something when I closed the screen on the screen wire. Or maybe I bent the screen too roughly. Who knows? In the end, I am still overall happy to have saved this defective product that Apple will not repair for free. Still disappointed with Apple, but not much I can do about that.

  • jozero Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Just got hit with the same problem. Shucks, I love this little nano and I use it constantly. I'd expect it to live more than 2 years though.

  • bassredj Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    apple... please have an update in ipod nano 6th gen.. like auto sleep or double tap on screen to sleep .. just to minimize the use of sleep/awake button.. thanks .. so that the button will not get stucked .

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    I have the same problem.  Why does Apple refuse to stand behind a product that breaks when used exactly as intended?  I made an appointment at my local Apple store, and was also told that I'd need to pay $79 for a replacement.  When I asked him why I should pay another $79 for another ipod that was likely to break in the same way, he said, "I can't comment on whether this is a design flaw because I don't own one myself".  Huh?  Apple, you've lost a customer.

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    Similar story - sleep/power button jammed after about 20 months usage.  Still works fine otherwise.  Apple support did phone me after an e-mail sent to them, said a replacement could be offered for €90, and promised to e-mail me a list of 'authorised apple agents' for my city (no Appe store).  No such list received.  Found an authorised dealer myself, they got in touch with Apple directly and Apple said nothing could be done!  Dealer recommended applying for a replacement through European Consumer Law (ECLC).  Recontacted Apple directly, who first recommended that it would be cheaper to buy a new unit.  Later they again said a replacement could be provided if I returned the original.  Now have to pick it up from the dealer and phone Apple back.  To be continued...

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    I had the same problem, but since it still was in warranty I got a new one right away. But to prevent to have the same problem all over again, I decided to buy apple iPhone headphones (the one with the buttons) to control the volume. Suprisingly it worked even far better than expected: you can control volume, play/pause, next song, previous song, fast forward, let it tell you what song is playing.. just anything without touching your delicate Nano, Now I only hit the sleep/wake button to choose a new album. Really recommended, especailly when volume button is stuck: far cheaper option than buying a new one! Still agree ofcourse that Apple should take more responsibilty for their flaw, maybe you could bargain to get these headphones for free as a compensation.

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    The same problem happened to me and my ipod nano 6G has just got out of warranty 3 weeks back

    I checked with apple store Genius bar and they say it only can be replaced for a new one for 65 Pounds which is really not helpful as I dont expect the product to go unuseful so early and surprising thing is there is no other way to activate the screen (except putting the ipod on charging and ofcourse you cannot keep the charger with you always) and this device is useless just for this minor fault? It would be a matter of replacing one piece of cushion rubber or something similar and 65 Pounds is way too high cost for that and even more the device is useless.


    Dont know why they introduced the watch function when the hardware isnt made compatible for its frequent use. Apple should really replace or fix the issues at no cost or atleast a reduced cost. This is indeed frustrating.

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