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How long should I expect the battery to last in an iPhone 3GS while in Airplane Mode? Since upgrading to 4.1, my phone's battery will discharge completely overnight, even if left in Airplane mode.

I am not asking for any fixes (I've already performed a number of the suggested fixes in this forum and I have spoken w/Apple tech support), nor am I suggesting that my battery life is directly related to the upgrade; I just want to know for purposes of comparison what other users are experiencing.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4
  • Templeton Peck Level 9 (60,945 points)
    How long should I expect the battery to last in an iPhone 3GS while in Airplane Mode?

    Nobody here would know as it depends on how you use it
  • ambarsaria Level 1 (110 points)
    I did this test in stand by mode
    No airplane etc just logged into
    Home Network with good strength
    Signal. It uses 5% a day if only used
    For receiving few calls and texts
    And few minutes of wifi use.
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    Let me clarify. How long should the battery last if left completely idle in Airplane Mode with no usage of apps or anything else?
  • Templeton Peck Level 9 (60,945 points)
    Still...nobody can say as your battery has a different remaining amperage then every other phone. Try it yourself and find out.
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    if it completely idle in Airplane Mode with no usage of apps or anything else for 8 hour, if should use less than 5%.
    There may be battery measurement fault after upgrade to iOS4.1.

    Have you try DFU restore ? It may help.
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    I see your point, thanks. I appreciate that there are a huge number of usage and configuration variables among users. I was hoping to find some kind of benchmark against which to judge whether the rate of drain I am experiencing with mine is reasonable.

    For example, aside from the tech specs quoted in the product literature, what could one realistically expect of a new, out-of-the-box iPhone, fully charged and updated to the most recent OS but "off the grid" (i.e., airplane mode) and idle? I could then take that data and extrapolate it based on the age, usage, number of charges, etc. of my current iPhone.

    If I fully drain and then charge the battery, and then leave the phone in airplane mode and don't use it at all, the battery is dead in 8 hours. That just doesn't seem right (or reasonable) to me.
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    DFU? Sorry, not familiar with the acronym (though I feel a huge "duh" coming my way...)
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    Nanster wrote:
    DFU? Sorry, not familiar with the acronym (though I feel a huge "duh" coming my way...)

    DFU is 'Device firmware update'
    it's done to erase all of iphone data including firmware and then connected
    to itunes for restoring firmware

    google for 'how to get into dfu mode'
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    Thanks. I'll try it.
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    Dear Nanster,

    I know very well what is happening to you....i had the same problem. To resume, the problem is the update 4.1. I bought a new iphone last week and before the update, the battery was normal...after that, it's was a nightmare, just like you are experiencing. So i went to the store and change for a new iphone (the same, 3GS). Same problem after the update. Battery life drain in "real time".

    Now my battery is ok with some steps:
    1. Reset the iphone (press home button and sleep at the same time)
    2. Restore the phone as a new iphone (unfortunately you will lose data)
    3. Never open the Game Center

    I hope this will help.
    2. Never open the Game Center
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    Thank you for sharing your experiences, Alain. At this time I have a replacement 3GS while Apple tries to figure out the problem with mine. In all likelihood I will probably end up keeping the replacement. Before iTunes would allow me to restore from backup on the new/replacement phone, I had to upgrade the OS to 4.1.

    The first night, the battery was 100% and I left the phone on all night (not in Airplane mode, Bluetooth off, push notification for mail off) and I had 30% battery life left after about 8 hours. It's an improvement over what I had been experiencing on my old phone, but still not ideal by any stretch.

    I will heed your advice and on this phone I won't open the Game Center. I'd like to delete it altogether if I could!

    If the battery drain worsens on this new phone, I will try resetting and restoring as you suggest, though I found that the apps don't restore properly if you have any folders, and it's a PITA to reorganize them.
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    Hi Naster, Hi Alain,

    thank you for what you have written. I've got a new iPhone 3gs and the battery drains just after the iOS4.1 update.
    I'm absolutely angry about that as just before the update everything was fine.
    I'm suggesting to all the people around me that have the same phone to not update to the last version
    Shall I follow the Alain procedure and lose all the data?
    Will I lose also the apps downloaded?
    Thanks to all