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I am submitting photos to be included in my new book, and the publisher wants 300 DPI.
When checking my photos, they are saved to 72 and I cant find a way to save them in the
300 format. Ideas?


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    Photos for Mac
    DPI - Dots Per Inch - is meaningless for digital photos until you print them. Then to have a 300 dpi photo you need 300 dots (pixels) per inch of printed photo - so a photo to be printed at 1" x 1" needs to be 300 pixels x 300 pixels - one to be printed at 4" x 6" needs to be 1200 pixels x 1800 pixels -- once to be printed at 20" x 30" needs to be 6000 pixels x 9000 pixels.

    See The Myth of DPI for additional information.