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Just bought a brand new macbook pro at the beginning of last month. All been working sound until about 3 days ago when both the speakers (by the sound of it) have started to crackle abit. Now i do tend to listen to alot of music through them but never excessive amounts. Theyve mostly been played on around medium - full volume. However with the price i paid for it im sure youd appreciate that they shouldnt be blown out already! Any ideas on if i should send it back or what could of happened?

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    The first thing to establish is whether it's a software or hardware issue.

    Create a new user account with admin privileges and then log in to this new account. Are the symptoms still present? If they are, then it's almost certain that it's a hardware fault and you should take it in for repairs; which will be carried out under warranty with no charge to you.

    If, when logging in to the new account, there is no crackling noise from the speakers, then we are looking at a software issue that's confined to your original user account.

    Da Vinci
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    Hey thanks for reply. Did what you said but still crackling noise heard. Think im going to try and take it in at some point. Would i need proof of purchase or receipts of some sort? Because my dad got this for me, and he'd be livid if there was already something wrong with it...
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    Hello harrynorman121 just wanted to know if you still have the issue? I listen to music throuh headphones most of the time but I have just started to use my macbook pro speakers and have to say the quality is not on par to my old Core Duo macbook Pro.

    My speakers output strange crackles every now and then which is now becoming annoying and I have even noticed this when receving emails on the new outlook the notification sound makes a crackle.
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    hey, yeah my speakers are still playing up. found though its only really on songs that are bass/treble centered. i asked apple and it said it would take up to 2 months to repair, which to be honest is ridiculous considering i could do it myself in about an hour if that!

    if you take yours in though let me know how it went. cheers.