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Web searches turn up 10,000 posts on this subject, but nary an answer. My wife has a Mac mini. The whole thing, CD/DVD drive and all, are from Apple. She's got OS X and the latest iTunes (although this problem existed in the earlier iTunes). All our songs are non-DRM either bought via iTunes or ripped from original, licensed, paid-for CDs we own. Our blank CDs are top quality.

Yet we cannot reliably burn a disc in iTunes. It works about one time out of 10. The other 9 times it sticks in iTunes either at "Initializing" or "Finishing" and the only way to get the disc out is to kill the iTunes processes using sudo from a terminal window and rebooting. Discs that result from this never have anything burned on them.

Yes, I've tried all the suggestions I've found including updating software, slowing down the burn process, changing and removing the gap setting, et cetera, et cetera. I can burn CDs all day with other computers in my house and other software. Why can't I burn a FRIGGIN' CD with this Mac and iTunes??? This problem (via Google searches) has existed in some form or another for YEARS. What the heck???


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