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I'm a classroom teacher in a large junior high school. I currently use paper seating charts to keep track of attendance, make notes about students, record scores until I can get them into the web-based SMS our district uses and for various other purposes.

I would love for someone to come up with an app that would take the place of the paper charts.There are a number of features I would love to have available to me and I know that there are lots of other teachers out there that would love to have such a gadget as well.

1. Allow me to create a drawing that represents my classroom space.
2. icons of desks that can be dragged and dropped into various configurations. I don't have my desks in rows--they are placed in clusters of four.
3. the ability to input student names that then can be randomly or selectively placed on the desk icon 4. tap the name of a student and have a notes window open so I can make a notation concerning that student 5. tap a desk and choose from a menu that includes absent, tardy, participated in discussion, and others. Maybe the choices could be set up by the teacher 6. the ability to create new charts by random or some other variable 7. be able to print each chart out.

What do any of you think?

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