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vincec79 Level 1 Level 1
Hi there my iPhone 4 has just decided that it doesn't want to power up anymore and I've only had it for 25 days.

Took it of charge when I went out to meet a friend this morning, whilst I was on the train I noticed that the accelerometer wasn't working when i tilted the iphone, but turned it off and on and it was working fine.

Got into London and sent my friend an email so we could meet, then used the Maps function to find my way for all of about 5 minutes, then I pressed the home button, locked the screen and walked for 5 mins then took my phone out to check my emails and txts but noticed the phone was off. I have tried for 5 hours to power it on and even trying the reset but nothing works.

Got home and plugged it into my charger for 20 mins and tried again, still nothing.

Tried it in my laptop and still nothing.

Anyone had this before or should I just take it to an Apple store or O2 store ???

Dell Inspiron, Windows Vista
  • rbrylawski Level 6 Level 6
    There are a couple of options you can try. I can't honestly tell you exactly how to do them, but for one, look up DFU in the owners manual, which you can download directly from www.apple.com

    The other is to try Recboot. Go out to Google and search for Recboot. It's software you can download and many people have reported success using Recboot to get their iPhone up and running.

    If neither solution works, take it to Apple directly, not your cell carrier. Apple will run diagnostics and if it's determined to be broken, they'll replace it (usually on the spot).
  • cris1395 Level 1 Level 1
    Sometimes my iPhone 4 turn off by its self for some reason. What I do is hold down the power button as well as the home button for a least 6 seconds until I see the Apple logo. This might work. Good luck
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    Thanks, I've tried holding the power & home buttons down for as long as a minute and it still doesn't work.

    My computer doesn't even detect it as a connected device, so doubtful that downloading any software is going to help.

    Looks like I will have to go to my local store then. Not really off to a good start is it checked and today is the 28th day I've had it, and already looks like I've got a faulty one