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I know that numerous people have been experiencing issues with upgrading to 16gb of ram in the new 27" i7's. For some reason, when you have 4 modules installed weird things start to happen. Freezes and random shut downs are the main issues. If you remove two of the modules everything goes back to normal. Here are two threads that talk about it as well.

I went through 3 different 16gb kits from OWC and all three ended up making my mac randomly shut down for now reason. Total loss of power. If I put the 4gb apple memory back in everything works fine.

Here is a link to the OWC memory -

Here is a link to the Crucial memory -

Both Crucial and OWC meet all specifications for Apple. I just installed 16gb of Crucial memory today, it came as two 8gb kits. I'm hoping it works but that would defy logic, there is no way that 3 sets of OWC memory were bad. I will keep you posted. It normally takes a good 24-48 hours for the issue to present itself, at least on my machine.

And please post if you are having the same issue, any information will help. Hopefully we can get this resolved.


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iMac 27" Core i7 - Mid 2010 - 16gb Ram, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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