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iPad issue impacting our secure website clients. Error message reads “Safari cannot open the page – ‘too many redirects’”

Recently, some of our secure website clients using Mac/Safari 4.0.5 faced issues, all related to one common problem that went away with Safari 5.0 & Mac OS updates. On all the three occasions, we observed that the error occurred when the HTTPS redirects contained the port number in the URL. During our discussions with Applecare personnel (case number was 350144) we understood that there have been problems with Safari 4.0.5 "not being able to handle port numbers in the URL properly". The issue went away with the launch of Safari 5 and Mac OS updates which followed the browser release.

Understandably, the resolution to the issue was fairly opaque and if I were to hazard a guess on what the problem could have been it should probably be something to do with Safari not being able to read cookies after these redirects.

1) Have any of you encountered such a problem on Mac/Safari 4.0.5 and are now facing on iPad?
2) Any workarounds / solutions / learning that you have come across and can share