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rabbitjetta Level 2 (275 points)
why does the charger cord get so hot that it will almost burn your skin? I have heard that they all do this but i think that they would have fixed this by now? It also seems to make the computer rather warm. Is this normal?

pro 13, Mac OS X (10.6.4), 2.4 GHz intel core 2 duo 4gb of ddr3
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    My brick gets warm but not hot when charging. I don't notice the cable getting warm--certainly not too warm to almost burn skin. I suspect there might be a problem with your charger. I assume you are using it where air can freely circulate to keep it cool? If you have access to an Apple Store, take it in for evaluation. It shouldn't be getting so hot you can't touch it--that is not normal.

    My Mac gets warm when it's charging, and I don't think it used to--at least not as much. The battery is approaching the end of its useful life, and I suspect that may be the reason. Mine is over 3 years old, with 268 cycles and 86%-88% of original capacity. The run time seems a bit shorter, and I think it takes longer to charge completely than it used to, although I never timed it. So the Mac getting warm when charging may be normal.

    Good luck!
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    I have had my mac a week and it is in open air. I it gets really hot when i charge it. Its a new battery... cause the computer is new... i dont have an apple store near. will they send a new one to me?
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    There is a good chance that they will, as it sounds like you may have a defective power adaptor. It's covered by your warranty, after all. Very likely they will want you to send them the one you have.

    By all means call Apple--this should be something that can be handled over the phone.

    Good luck!