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I've completed my contract with AT&T, I now would like to use my Iphone in Canada with one of their service providers, how do I use my phone with these providers? I've paid several HUNDRED dollars for this piece of equipment, and would like to continue to USE it, is it now useless?
How do I unlock the phone so I can use it?
If I cannot get it unlocked, how do I get my $ back which I paid for it? I bought a piece of HARDWARE, I expect it to WORK, especially after I complete my contract with AT&T in good standing. IF its been disabled by a third party, its been 'broken' or its usefulness has been 'stolen' by a third party, the manufacturer, so damages may be due, perhaps treble.

hp, Windows Vista, iphone 3gs
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    ATT does not unlock the phone for use with other carriers. Your option is to sell the phone and buy a new phone in Canada.

    How did you complete a 2 year contract in under 2 years?
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    There is no law in the U.S. that requires a carrier to unlock a carrier locked phone. Although AT&T will unlock some carrier locked phones during the contract period or after the contract period has expired when requested by a subscriber, AT&T does not unlock an iPhone for any reason or under any circumstances.

    You can't get your money back. Had you purchased a phone in the smart phone category at the full retail sales price or non-subsidized price, the chosen calling plan, messaging plan, and the data plan cost would have been the same. The chosen calling plan, messaging plan, and data plan is the same cost with a subsidized or non-subsidized phone, and you received cellular service during your contract period.

    Nothing has been disabled, broken, or its usefulness has not been stolen. Nothing has changed - the iPhone remains carrier locked with AT&T and you received cellular service for the amount you paid while you had service with AT&T. If you have cancelled your service with AT&T, you have disabled your service by choice.

    If you want to use an iPhone in Canada, sell your iPhone to someone in the U.S. and use the proceeds to purchase a official unlocked iPhone in Canada.
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    I will find a creative way to use the Iphone on youtube, showing its now uselessness....perhaps a large nail through it and hammered on the fender of my car with a little placecard showing how 'green' at&t and apple are at least the thousands of drivers behind me will find some humor in the evil of two corporate giants
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    I guess brain power isn't your strong point. You do realize that you can sell the phone on ebay for a fair amount of money and then use that money to buy a phone in Canada?
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    ealbers wrote:
    I will find a creative way to use the Iphone on youtube, showing its now uselessness....

    The iPhone is not useless. It still works perfectly fine as an iPod and media device. You can still use it for checking email and surfing the web. Only the phone functionality is no longer usable to you because you want to use another carrier.

    As others have suggested, sell it online.
    There are ways to unofficially unlock the iPhone, but that's not something we can discuss here and is generally frowned upon.

    If you're really so annoyed by this whole deal, ship the phone to me, undamaged and I'll be happy to take it off your hands.
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    Good for you. Doing something like that instead of selling it and using the proceeds to purchase an officially unlocked iPhone in Canada. How shrewd on your part. Please don't reproduce.