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I am trying to trash the item "Canon IJ Network Scan Utility". When I attempt to move the .app file to the trash I get an error message "The item “Canon IJ Network Scan Utility” can’t be moved to the Trash because it’s open".

When I engage the "Force Quit" application to verify whether indeed the application might be open it does not appear in the Force Quit window. Also, when I double click the application absolutely nothing happens -- it does not open. Finally, when I single click the app and then hit "command-q" to quit the application if indeed it were open in some invisible way, I get an an error sound. All this tells me that the app s either NOT open, or is open on such an invisible low level that I have NO way of closing this application. How can I delete such a legacy application (which litters my menu bar with an ugly icon which is why I want to delete it).

Please help!! Is there such a thing as a "force-trash" command? Or can I force this app to visibly open, so I can close it? Or can I in some other (i.e., terminal) way close this app for good so I can trash it? Thanks!!!

MacBook Pro 17" 3.06 Ghz, Mac OS X (10.6.4)