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I recently tried adding a phone number from a webpage to an existing contact, and attempt to give it a custom label.

Well, I was trapped at the custom label naming screen, the cancel doesn't work, nor does the save button.
I had to manually kill the Safari app from the "taskbar" in order for Safari to be usable again.


iOS 4
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    I just had the same problem. I had to power cycle the phone to get Safari to let me do anything.

    1. Tap and hold a phone number displayed on a web page
    2. Select add to existing contact
    3. After adding to a contact tap the label and then add custom label
    4. Enter the custom label and tap save
    5. Nothing appears to happen, but if you switch over to contacts you can see the change has been saved
    6. Switch back to Safari and you are stuck on the edit custom label page

    If you avoid using the custom label then everything works fine.