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I am having problems with 3g Signal, sometimes I have just 1 bar in 3g and another moment I only can reach standard coverage without 3g (With other terminals the 3g is full) I need some help...

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Solved by dahammer1 on Sep 24, 2010 1:37 AM Solved
Good Thinking. Let me know what happens afterwards.
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    Is your signal loss indoors or outdoor?
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    Indoors I am most of the time with 1 o 2 bars and Outdoor depend where I am. If I lost the signal I have to swich off and on the Iphone and I get full 3g again, but after 5 min, the 3g desapear.

    I always check with friends and in the places that I don´t have 3g my friends have it on there phones (Nokia and Blackberry).

    Note: I bought my iphone 3 weeks ago.
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    Did you get the bumper case for your IPhone?

    There is a problem that apple is aware of when you are holding it (IPhone 4) in your hand.
    The stainless steel band is the antenna for both the cell and wifi.
    When holding it, the signal strength (bars) go down to almost no bars at all. Calls drop and wifi, 3g dies.

    You don't have to turn the phone completely off, you can use airplane mode and turn it off then on again after a few minutes. It's like a small reboot of the cellular part.

    Is there cell phone company the same as what your IPhone is on?

    What your problem sounds to me, is your cellular company is not strong(signal)in your area.

    Do you have wifi hook up in your home or office?
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I have the Bumper case but the 3g connection its the same.

    Regarding the Airplane mode I already tried to switch it off and on and It´s not connecting, only can connect for 5 minutes if i switch the mobile off.

    About the question of my cellular company, its the same as my Iphone is on.

    Another note: At work I used to have 3g and I don´t get signal now, I check with my cellular company and they says that there is no signal problem in the area.

    When I am at home I use Wifi and the connection is good, but I want to use my Iphone everywhere...
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    Your Welcome.

    Go online and check your cell phone company (coverage map) for your area.
    Double checking what they said. They r only human and we all make mistakes.

    Reset network settings

    To reset your network settings, tap Settings > General > Reset, then scroll down and tap Reset Network Settings.
    Reset network settings

    Note: This will clear your current cellular and Wi-Fi network settings, including saved networks, Wi-Fi passwords, and VPN settings.

    I also enclosed a link to apple solution on call. Look it over.

    Hope this works.
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    Still doesn´t Work.

    I think that I will need to go to take the Iphone to the Apple Store.

    Thank for you help.
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    Good Thinking. Let me know what happens afterwards.
    Your Welcome
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    Hi Rich,

    I don´t know how but the signal is much better now, I don´t get disconected the 3g as before. Signal is still low but working all the time.

    I think it has been solver, if I have any other problem I will let you know, Thanks mate
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    I'm glad it's working out for you.

    Yes, If anything else happens by all means let me know.
    2 heads r better than one in trouble shooting.

    Your Welcome.
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    Hi there, I had the same exact issue. Seemed like my Iphone4 preferred the 2G although I'm in excellent 3G coverage.

    I just reset the network settings now and now the 3G signal is steady. Seems that solved the problem. I'll keep monitoring and let u know.

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    The 3G signal is exactly the same with me, with 3G disabled I get 4 - 5 bars, but as soon as I enable 3G the signal drops from nill to 3 depending where I am in the house, even outside the house I get poor 3G and I am in an excellent 3G area (cell antenna is 1200ft away).

    I think its a problem that apple aren't prepared to fully admit, try it out for yourself - check your 3G signal and switch it off, you will get a lot better EDGE than 3G