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I recently had to reset my iPod. Previously, I attempted to maximize my available space on my 2 GB iPod by changing settings to do not show my album artwork. I went to edit, preferences and clicked on music as the on-line instructions indicated. I could not find the option to turn off my artwork. It seems like before my reset, my iPod would hold approx 500 songs. Now is holds less than 400. Is this because of the artwork?

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    Hello NationwideGA,
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    There used to be an option from under your iPod's Summary tab in iTunes that allow you to choose whether or not you wanted to include artwork on your iPod. However, as of iTunes 9, this option is no more and the default is that artwork is included on your iPod.

    So now the only way to remove all the artwork from your iPod is to remove it from each of your tracks in iTunes and I'm not exactly sure that is something you want to do. Even if you did, it wouldn't free up a significant amount of space on your iPod overall. At best a very small fraction a percentage.

    Not sure why you can only sync fewer songs now, but have you tried restoring your iPod yet?