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My young cousin played some free games on my girlfriend's iPhone and somehow managed to purchase Tap Zoo (it must have logged in beforehand). Within this game, players can buy gold coins which I understand buys animals.

My cousin who is 8yrs old proceeded to make nearly AUD$1500 worth of purchases of these gold coins within the app, without any need for password or any warnings. Remember this game is designed for children.

I checked the developer's website and it appears they have acknowledged they have done the wrong thing and have supported people to seek refunds.

We have emailed iTunes support OVER 48 hours ago and no response. Can someone recommend what we can do as this is a lot of money and our credit card has been cancelled because the bank thought it was a suspicious purchase.

I have posted link to Streetview Labs - please be careful and don't let your kids play this till the developer fixes the problem which is over 10 days old and doesn't seem to be fixed yet.

*Any advice on how to get iTunes to respond all we have is an email and it has been 3 days since the first email we sent.*

iMac 21.5, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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