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heya can anyone help???

whenever i connect my iphone it tries to backup my phone so it can update but just sits there for hours not backing up its still on the old update and driving me mad that i cant do nothing!!! it syncs songs etc to the phone but wont back up :-/

im tempted to smash the phone and claim for a new one but dunno whether its my sim or not... can anyone give any advice if not ill take it in to the shop see if thy know lol

Dell, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    How many pictures to your have on the camera roll? The camera roll shouldn't really be used for long term storage of photos, you should take them off manually with what ever process you use for any digital camera. Then if you want them on the phone sync them back to their own albums.

    Photos in the camera roll are part of the back up (though not actually taken off to a place you can do anything with them) and many have discovered having too many in there really hoses up the backup process especially if you have photos in there you saved from email or the web that are of different formats or sizes than what the phone takes with the camera.

    Yes it is a bug of sorts but this has been something I have seen a lot talked about in here.

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    I am also having issues my ipnone will be backuping up for 8+ hours and only move alittle bit. I really need to install the new software! help!