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flbmxgirl Level 1 Level 1
just recently my trackpad has been messing up. It will be like im right clicking to highlight everything. and the cursor changes into the one when you are typing something. This is really annoying and the only way to fix it is if I restart my computer. Any suggestions

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
Reply by Stickykees on Jun 9, 2012 3:08 PM Helpful
I spent an entire evening researching, rebooting etc. to no avail. I started stressing about bringing it in to be repaired, having a possible swollen battery, yadda yadda yadda.  Finally I saw on youtube that you could press firmly over the entire trackpad and my problem was fixed in 5 seconds.  So Amazing that I had to share!

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  • liam27 Level 1 Level 1
    This EXACT same thing has been happening to me... I'm assuming it's an issue with software (trackpad driver?) not the trackpad itself.... My phone support has already expired, but my warranty is still fine; is a visit to the Genius Bar recommended?

  • timharding Level 1 Level 1
    I've been experiencing similar problems.

    From time to time my Macbook Pro will act like the button on the trackpad is pressed down.

    I can resolve this by going to another application and clicking and dragging to highlight text there and then returning to what I was actually trying to get done. This work around doesn't require a reboot, thankfully.

    Very annoying. Think it has only started recently (past month or so).
  • jamesmington Level 1 Level 1
    count me in for the EXACT same problem. just started this week for me.

    mad annoying -_-
  • smakie Level 1 Level 1
    Looks like i'm having the same issue. I'm new to Macs and was generally impressed with the build quality of my ipods & iphone. I'm not sure if the problem I have is hardware or software related, but it has occurred while booted into Win7 via Bootcamp. I recently upgraded to 8GB of RAM and thought it could be a resource issue but immediately after booting (OS recognizes 8GB RAM) the problem recurred.

    After taking it to the Genius Bar for a checkup, I was advised to take a Quicktime recording of the problem - I was able to do so for over 10 minutes, but due to some confidential stuff that was on the screen at the time I shortened the clip:
  • jellybelly1234 Level 1 Level 1
    smakie your problem looks different to ours - yes your trackpad is playing up but you don't seem to have having the highlighting problem that we are, where suddenly everything with a one finger movement is highlighted.

    It is SO annoying having to restart to sort out the problem - @timharding how do you get it to work without restarting? Tried playing with some text in pages highlighting, cutting and pasting but still had to restart to get the trackpad back to normal.

    I think there was a recent trackpad update so wonder if this is causing the glitch - surely it must be a software problem if a restart solves it. Can't identify any triggers that start it though, which is irritating.

    I bought my MBP 22/10/09 - so not long on the warranty! Sure they could fix it with a patch though; I'm convinced the update screwed us!
  • jellybelly1234 Level 1 Level 1
    I think this is what messed it up

    Mine first went wrong after software update ran.
  • jellybelly1234 Level 1 Level 1
    Ok guys, I've found a way to replicate what happens which has further convinced me that the update is to blame!

    Go into system preferences - trackpad - from the three fingers drop down box select dragging.

    Then go back to whatever you were doing and move 3 fingers around - this is EXACTLY what happens when it goes wrong, except I'm only using one finger when it does it.

    Patch please Apple!!
  • smakie Level 1 Level 1
    dunno, maybe it's a different problem, but I have noticed that my issue isn't limited just to pointer movement but also clicking. Sometimes the trackpad acts as as if it's pressed and if i move the pointer then things get selected, so perhaps it's related? Anyway, it's happening in Win7, too, so i'm not sure what to do.

    This is my work laptop and since i'm in technology it has a hugely disruptive effect on my day to day when it occurs (probably 1-5 times daily, 30 seconds to 10 minutes at a time). I'm going to request a HW replacement and see where i get.
  • fbcallicoat Level 1 Level 1
    Yes, the update is DEFINITELY to blame.

    Trackpad problem never occurred before the update and IMMEDIATELY started after I updated my system.

    My Apple Macbook unibody 13.3 is running the latest build of Snow Leopard, for the record.

    I reported the problem to Apple Tech support a month ago (Caseno. 174728570) and still no fix.

    Cmon Apple! Stop ignoring this problem.
  • adce Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same problem and it seems like it's getting worse.
  • smakie Level 1 Level 1
    ok, genius bar replaced the trackpad 3 days ago and it seems like it took care of the problem. will update you guys if it comes back!
  • theiPhoneGuru Level 1 Level 1
    man I'm so glad i found this post.

    I was seriously beginning to regret upgrading to snow leopard because this happened once or twice before the upgrade and recently it's been happening a LOT!

    Only way to get rid of it is to reboot. which is EXTREMELY annoying.

    and my applecare expired so i dont know what to do!

    is there an update on Apple's website?

    I guess i just have to try a genius bas appt..
  • RobLee11585 Level 1 Level 1
    I had the trakpad replaced and the problem is still there. I'm so frustrated with apple. I bought my macbook pro in Chico where there is no apple store. I DJ for a living and the Mac was the best and most EXPENSIVE option. I'm not that great at computers but I'm very comfortable with a pc. I'm starting to regret switching to apple. What can I do about this problem? I have the PRP with best buy...ask for another computer lol?
  • liam27 Level 1 Level 1
    I think it started messing up for me around then too, but I'm not sure... My tel support already expired, should I take it in to the Genius Bar?
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