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I need to export files that Ive recorded with Voice Memo.
These files are mostly over 8 minutes, so I cant use to the share option.
Also Im working between 2 macbooks, and Id like to be able to export my
recordings to both of these computers without making the music stored to go haywire, so syncing with both of these computers would be an absolute disaster.
I would prefer to do this without jailbreaking if possible...

ipot touch 3.0, iOS 4
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    HI and welcome to Apple Discussions...

    Try the instructions here.


    In the iTunes window under the Music tab, check the box next to: Include voice memos.

    Just follow the instructions at that link.

    After you are finished syncing, you should see "Voice Memos" in your iTunes music library. Since it's alphabetized, probably close to the bottom.

    Now do the same procedure on the other Mac.

    so syncing with both of these computers would be an absolute disaster.

    I tried this and it worked like a charm. It won't have any effect your iTunes library.

    In the Apple Discussions TOU, it states: Test your answer. When possible, make sure your Submission works on your own computer before you post it.


    I did.

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    Hi Carolyn,
    One of the computers has no music on it, while the other one contains quite a bit.
    I learned the hard way, that when I sync with the computer that has no music,
    it wipes out ALL the music on my ipod (although I can then transfer voice memos). Maybe I've missed something about syncing, because I don't know how to sync without this happening every time.
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    Make sure your iPod is not connected when syncing your iPhone.

    that when I sync with the computer that has no music

    On that Mac, launch iTunes. From the iTunes menu bar click Store / Authorize This Computer.

    That way you can have your iTunes library on both Macs.

    BTW... if you haven't done so, backup your iTunes library to an external source such as an external drive, or burn to CD's. That way you if you need to reformat your Mac(s) at some point, you can restore your iTunes library.

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    hmm... I always think I'm being perfectly clear when I explain, and then I realize afterwards that I missed mentioning a special detail, sorry.
    Actually this is just about an ipod touch. I didnt find the a place to post for ipod touch apps, so I figured here would be the correct(best) place.

    So I need to transfer recordings from my ipod touch to each of two different macs with significantly different itune libraries, without having the music on my ipod touch erased/tampered with.
    The recordings are longer than 8 minutes long, so I cant share them over wifi.

    Sorry about that, think I really have all the details now.
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    If I were you, I would just sync with one computer, and then in that iTunes, go to the Voice Memos playlist, right click a memo you need and select Show in Finder. That's the actual file--you should be able to copy it, move it via flash drive/email/dropbox/whatever to your other macbook, and import it to iTunes there.

    No worry re erasing music, since yes, the iPhone is designed to only sync media to a single computer.

    I've not done this, but since it's a .m4a file, it should act like any other audio file, I'd assume.
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    Im really looking for a way to transfer the .m4a files WITHOUT syncing my ipod with either of my computers. I can find many workarounds including syncing with one, and then just ftp:ing it to my other computer.

    But is there any way to do this without syncing?
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    [deleted my own snark]


    On my Mac, PhoneView lets you copy voice memos and other things without syncing. TouchCopy and Missing Sync are similar programs.

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    I just found a way by accident, I once connected my iphone 4 under Ubuntu system on one of my desktop, I can visit and copy voice memo and pictures and music(but no names artist info) as well as some books I sync on iphone before. you can try that if you would like to instal an Ubuntu system, you can use wubi installation to keep both systems on your single computer. this way can copy some files from your iphone without sync. hope this can help.
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    I just found what might be your answer in another thread related to this problem. I downloaded freeware called iPhone Explorer. With that, I was able to find individual voice memo files in Media/Recordings, then dragged those files into a folder on the desktop, then imported those files in the folder while in iTunes. From there, I took those files and placed them in a playlist. Seems to work so far as I've listened to parts of two lectures I was not able to transfer from iPhone to my Mac any other way. Hope this is some help for you.