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Hi! My iPhone has an problem. It wont turn on (shows apple logo, then freezes and after that it restarts the same thing over and over again..) and i cannot restore or update it, because computer wont find it because its not turned on! And it doesnt even recharge while it does that apple logo thing. It wont stay turned off, it comes with apple logo everytime i turn it off. And then it frozes, and wont recharge. help me, please!

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4
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    I am having that exact problem right now. Need some help. I have tried to reboot a couple of times.
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    same thing is happening....i was sending a txt msg when i got a window saying something bout could not connect to cellular network....then it just shut off....i tried starting normally no luck then rebooted by home and sleep buttons. phone turned on silver apple popped up and eventually the little loading clock as well but thats as far as i get....after a time the screen completely blacks out and it resets and starts all over
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    i had that once, it took me ages to figure out what was wrong but i finally did.

    i held down the power button and the home button and release them both as soon as the screen goes black otherwise it will turn on again.

    Plug it into the computer. If it connects, great! If it doesnt, hold down the home button until you hear the usb conect noise into the computer, which usually takes about 10seconds.

    Then update itunes to the latest version, then the software. Then create backup by right clicking your iPhone's name on the side.

    Then restore. If it comes up with an error then do the same thing again but restore it on another computer.

    Hope this fixes your phone
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