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I have read through a number of threads concerning Mailbox folders on iPads but none seem to fit my question.

My wife uses an iPad with a number of sub-folders in her mailbox. These correspond to her specific mailboxes in her MobileMe account on our MacBookPro.

When mail comes in on her iPad she can save the mail to a specific mail box by tapping the required box (Trash, Holidays, Family, Whatever). However, she cannot access it subsequently. There seems to be no way that these mailboxes can be opened. Not only that, the mail disappears from the inbox on both the MacBook and the iPad but does not appear in any of her mailboxes on either machine.

Where has it gone and how do we get it back?

I note that many answers to similar questions say that you cannot create mail boxes on the iPad (as yet). So how have we got them?!


MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    The best place to post for help for the iPad is here.

    iPad / Mail Forums

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    Many Thanks Carolyn,

    I have looked there earlier but so far have not seen anything to help me. Do I gather from your answer that it would be useful to repost my question there? I assumed that topics and question were somehow linked.

    Nevertheless, I will keep looking and hope for some answer. Perhaps a visit to an Apple store is required!

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    Well, what ever was wrong it seems to have now sorted itself. It seems to have been 'finger' trouble but I can't see what I am doing differently!

    Still, if its working - so be it.

    We need a third response in the has you questioned been answered box. "No, but the problem has gone away/resolved itself


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    Subject is closed rather than answered.
    Problem appears to have solved itself and was probably caused by finger trouble on my part. Unfortunately i cannot identify what I was doing incorrectly originally!