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I have an iPod Touch 1st Gen that I have been successfully using with my Win2k, Win XP, and Windows 7 laptops to transfer files via Windows' Ad Hoc Networking for a couple of years.

I just received my new iPod Touch 4th Gen iOS4.1 a few days ago and have been having trouble connecting to my Windows 7 laptop using Ad Hoc networking. On Windows 7, I created an unencrypted ad hoc wireless connection. When I try to connect with my Touch 4th Gen, the network status on the laptop keeps on saying "Waiting for users". However, if I try with my Touch 1st Gen, the network status immediately says "Connected"

Touch 4th Gen connects properly to ad hoc networking only to my Win XP and Win2k laptop. When I connect via a wireless router / access point, the iPod Touch 4th Gen is able to ping my Windows 7 laptop and I am able to do FTP file transfers. VPN PPTP and IPSEC connectivity works fine.

So the issue seems to be isolated to iOS4.1 / Touch 4th Gen and Windows 7 Ad Hoc networking.

Just tried my Touch 1st Gen iOS 3.1.3 and it's able to establish Ad Hoc networking to all windows platform that I have.

Anyone else seeing the ad hoc networking with Windows 7 and iPod Touch 4th Gen issue?

iPos Touch 4th Gen with iOS 4.1, iOS 4