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Hello. My friend lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In August he bought an iPhone 4 for me in one of Rogers shops. But unfortunately, something went wrong, and instead of getting factory unlocked(sim free) iphone 4(for which he payed), this phone got locked to Rogers network.

I have surfed the web for this issue, and found out that many customers in Canada faced this problem, because in receipt there is iPhone 4+0$ sim card, so IMEI(or some other information) of the phone is automatically transferred to carrier database and it gets locked.

The problem is that I can't use it with any international sim card, which is very pity, because I have spent most of summer studying in Canada, and now I am back to Moscow and I can't use it with Russian sim cards.

Even when I login to apple.com and input my iPhone serial it says to me that I can use it with Russian carriers, but infact I can't. It is locked to Rogers.

What can I do in such situation?May be someone from apple support will help me solving this issue. I can't contact US technical support, and our Russian Apple lacks experience and understanding

Please help me use this phone and solve terrible issue

iPhone 4, iOS 4, Should be sim free
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    You are going to have to contact Rogers for help. No one here can help you.
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    I have already sent them e-mail, but I have also decided to try to solve my problem through Apple just in case.

    Btw, whose database (or smth like that) is it where they have info on locked and unlocked iPhones?carrier or Apple?
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    The current situation in Canada, is that unlocked iPhones are only available through the Apple Stores or online (must be shipped within Canada) for the full no contract price.

    The carriers shops (ie Rogers Wireless locations) sell iPhones for the 3 year contract price, or for the no contract price, however the iPhone will be carrier locked to that carrier. So if the iPhone was purchased from Rogers, the iPhone will be locked to Rogers regardless of the price paid. Seems stupid to me, but to get an unlocked iPhone it must be purchased direct from Apple.

    To get a locked iPhone unlocked you must go through the carrier. In this case no carrier in Canada is unlocking iPhones so you don't stand much of a chance to unlock the unit. Depending on when it was purchased you could look into getting the iPhone back to Canada so it could be returned, and then try to purchase an iPhone direct from Apple so it is unlocked. If you are unable to return the iPhone you are sort of out of luck.
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    Hey Doc,

    What about all the unlock for iP4 add I see when browsing? Are they scams or can the iP4 really by unlocked by some of these outfits?

    I never see it mentioned here, is it against forum rules?
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    This will tell you in what countries and what providers provide unlocked iphone:

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    Rogers doesn't provide customers with unlock codes whether for a subsidized cellphone or bought outright. This is the same for all carriers in Canada that sell the iPhone. Apple clearly advertises that to get the unlocked iPhone buyers must order through Apple Canada online store to be shipped to a Canadian address, not through authorized carriers Rogers, Bell, Telus or Virgin. As for the reasoning behind selling the iPhone at full price through the carrier this gives customers the option to get the iPhone without renewing their term (contract).
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    Thank you for all your descriptions, it seems like Apple and Rogers make me walk illegal way(
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    HolmanGT - the only method to unloack an iphone that is supported by Apple is to go throughout the carrier. All the ads on line that talk about unlocking an iPhone are either scams or methods to hack your iPhone which will void your warranty among other grim possiblities.

    As far as support on this forum or from Apple goes you will get no help.
  • HolmanGT Level 2 (205 points)

    No I am not looking to unlock MY phone. I was just curious about all the people I see asking about it and the ads that claim they can unlock your phone for cheap.

    I used to hack phones back in the Motorola flip phone days but I don't have any desire to damage or have Apple send a silver bullet to my iPhone 4.

    Thanks, I kinda had a feeling that some of those un-lock sites were not all they claimed to be.
  • imagine engine Level 2 (235 points)
    Your best option is to sell the Rogers iPhone 4 online to recover some of the money you spent on buying it. Then order an iPhone 4 through one of the two licensed carriers in Russia http://www.apple.com/ru/iphone/
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    The majority of the unlock sites are not scams. For some people who didn't do their due diligence before buying it is their only option short of selling the phone.

    I would never recommend this to someone living in the US (void warranty etc.) but in some countries it may be the only option.