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I use a Plantronics Voyager Pro BT headset, and just found out the hard way that it doesn't support A2DP, so I cannot hear any iPhone audio on it other than phone calls. I understand that there is an app for jailbroken phones (Bluetooth Mono for iPhone) that can implement that functionality, and there is a legal app for the Droid that does the same thing.

There must be a large market for people who'd like to do this with their BT headsets. How does one go about requesting a legal app like that? From whom?


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    The iPhone supports A2DP.


    3rd party apps cannot access private iPhone API's which would be required with such a 3rd party app. This is one of the things that Apple checks for before approving an app to be available via the iTunes app store.

    You can use this link to provide Apple feedback.

  • BCDrums Level 2 (225 points)
    I understand that the iPhone supports A2DP, but my headset does not. It seems that very few single-ear mono headsets do. This means that I can't listen to podcasts, music, or anything other than phone calls on my headset. My headset fits well and sounds good, so I seek a workaround.

    Not sure what API's are, but I get your point. Will provide feedback to Apple in the meantime.

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    Then you need to get a bluetooth headset that does support A2DP.

    API is short for Application Programming Interface.

    3rd party apps do not have access to private iPhone APIs, and this involves a private iPhone API.
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    I bought a pair of Playtronics Backbeat 903 Bluetooth headphones that support the A2DP and AVRCP profiles. that the Iphone 3gS that I own are also suppose to support and I believe they do. Now just recently the phone will not allow the headphones to control it (pause, skip to next song, etc). I have reset the headphones, I have unpaired and re-paired the headphones with the phone, I have removed any other bluetooth pairing profiles from the phone, still no luck. Anyone have any idea how I get the phone or headphones to recognize the AVRCP profile so I can use the headphones as designed.

    As I said, when I first got the headphones all of these controls worked, now they do not. Thanks in advance.
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    My Plantronics M100i also do not support to play podcast, music, video, sound
    Is there any software can solve it?

    Many thanks

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    No there's no software because you would have to hack the headset... Not the phone... The phone. Atleast with 4.1 is already a2dp compliant! Your headset is the problem!
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    It works with my old Nokia nicely
    Play podcast games sound music
    So there is nothing wrong with it
    And even from Plantronis said there is nothing they can do
    But only the iphone4 coming update
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    Hi, I am the original poster. Plantronics has released an updated version of the Voyager Pro called the Voyager Pro Plus, and it does support A2DP. It is a great headset. I can listen to iPhone's other audio sources on it. It has spoken status updates- when turned on, it tells you verbally haow much talk time is left, that it's connected to the phone, that you've reached maximum volume, and so on. And it puts a battery meter icon on the phone's status bar that lets you see how much charge is left.

    The new Pro looks identical to the original, so if you liked that, you'll like this. Has a long battery life, too.

    This headset appears to replace the original, and sells for the same price. It is sweet. So my problem is solved.

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    As already mentioned, the headset itself needs to support the protocol. No software on the iPhone will ever be able to make an external piece of hardware do something it is not capable of.

    Jabra makes a couple of BT ear pieces that support A2DP - I have the Jabra BT8040 and the newer BT530 and they both work great with my iPhone 3GS. Both support hands-free and stereo A2DP protocols.
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    the problem with A2DP is that when a Headset that supports A2DP is connected to the iPhone 4 no sound come through the headset for Texts or email.
    Here is what I have found...

    I have my iPhone set to play sounds and vibrate for alerts

    I have ensured the phone is not on Silent via the side switch

    When my iPhone is connected via bluetooth to another headset that doesn't support A2DP (e.g. BlueAnt V1) the phone will sound an audible alert via the phone speakers when an email or text message is received as well as vibrate. Additionally no sound is heard through the headset.

    When my iPhone is connected via bluetooth to my new Voyager Pro+ (supports A2DP)the phone does not sound an audible alert via the phone speakers when an email or text message is received. The phone only vibrates. Also no sound is heard through the headset.

    It seems to me that the headset goes into standby and email tone is too short.
    By the time the headset responds to the sound, the sound is already over.
    I could change the text tone to something longer, but the new sounds are obnoxious and the standard tri-tone is too short.
    If there was a way to allow the iPhone's internal speakers to play sounds while on a A2DP headset (like an override switch) it would be ideal.

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    I have the identical issue and miss many text messages. I sure would like this to be solved.

    I do enjoy using the Voyager Pro+ for listening to the video's but absolutely need the I phone 4 to sound an alert when messages arrive.