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I hope you guys can help me. I've owned the 32MB WiFi iPad since around launch and it's been working fine for the most part. Just recently (last couple of weeks) the screen will go black/off randomly, and even after I press the home or sleep button there's nothing but the glow of the backlight. Doing a hard reset can bring the screen back, but then the screen will often shut back down.

It doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing (web, Netflix, Youtube, etc.), although it DOES seem like it happens more often when I'm lying on my bed with the iPad held above me (screen pointing down towards the ground). I've tried completely restoring the iPad and putting on the last backup, resetting all settings (several times), changing the accessibility settings, etc. to no avail. I would appreciate some guidance on other options I can try or whether this is something that others are seeing with their iPads.

I don't really want to go to the Apple Store but I may have to if this is a hardware issue, or a software glitch that won't be fixed until iOS 4.2. Thanks everyone for your help.

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    Do you have Auto-Lock set to go on by chance?

    Tap Settings / General / Auto-Lock

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    Seems you have one option left before hitting the apple store. You can try to do a full restore as a new device (not from a backup). If that fails, then it is time for a trip to the apple store or a call to AppleCare if you're still within the service window (only 90 days vs 1 year of hardware support from the genius bar).
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    Thanks, yes I did a full restore from a backup and then a full restore as new. The problem was not resolved. I went to the Apple Store last night and the guys were surprised by the problem (seems pretty rare) but were very courteous and gave me a new iPad to replace mine. Works like a charm now - afraid to update the new iPad to i0S 3.2.2 in case that was the problem (although nobody else seems to be having a problem with that).
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    If anyone is having the specific problem I had, it is most likely a problem with an oversensitive temperature sensor or with the light sensor (according to the Genius Bar guys at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store). Go into the Store to get it checked out, and good luck.
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    Naah, it's not a 3.2.2 problem.
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    What did they told you happened? same thing happens to my ipad new gen too. I goes black randomly I just bought this a month ago. ipad 3  64Gb w/ wifi. It really drives me crazy whats going on...


    should i return it? or can i fix it by myself?