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Okay well Ive had my ipod touch for a month now and the sleep button is to far in i believe. I have to press hard to actually make my ipod go into standby/black screen and the company i got it from said its normal, i don't think this is true. Should i go back and try and get it fixed as its becoming a real hassle.

Ipod touch 3rd gen 4.1 OS
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    the sleep button is far more difficult to press than previous Touch's. I don't really like it, but it's just a minor annoyance to me. Apple has a penchant for minimalism when it comes to connectors and buttons. I wish they'd think a little more about ergonomics when designing products.

    The button is on a rearward-sloping edge, making it harder to press than the nearly identically shaped button on the 2G touch, which sits on the top of the edge. You can complain to Apple directly at the feedback link, but frankly, they think they know more about product design than their customers, even though WE pay the bills...don't expect any (positive) changes in the next version.
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