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I am not a fan of AT&T because we have low coverage in our area. We were advised not to get the apple iPhone 4 because of this. We have Verizon wireless coverage in this area but we were advised to contact Apple about capability. We would love to access the 3G hotspot since 4G isn't in our area. I do not want to be stuck with a contract plan anyway. I was wondering how I can turn this device into a powerful smartphone such as the iPhone 4 (so I've been told). I love watching movies, listening to music, and socailizing over the internet but I don't want to pay $60 per month for the internet. I am online for 8-12 daily. The apple iPod Touch 4G has all of the capabilities that the iPhone 4 has including GPS (Google Maps) so we will not have a problem finding the directions. Please help me!

Apple iPod Touch 4G, iOS 4
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    Jus an FYI, your iPod does not have GPS. It gets its location from your router.

    You can use a MiFi adapter to connect to the Internet via 3G. Companies such as magellon have a product made for the iPod touch that gives it GPS capabilities when plugged in.

    As far as everything else to make it an iPhone, search the App Store. There is a lot of good apps, even free ones, that can do some pretty amazing things.
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    Thanks for setting me straight, LOL! What product should I be searching for by Magellan. So, I would be able to access the internet through this device without paying a monthly internet plan?
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    I was told that the Magellan GPS doesn't work with the new ipod touch 4G, is that true? Who sells a case for the ipod touch 4G?
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    As far as I know, there isn't such a service, or that service would be wiped out because every single family/college student in America would have switched to them. You can't get internet without paying for it.

    If you want a "mobile internet", those plans are designed to be used with a internet card (provided from the service) that hooks to your laptop. Essesntially creating a mobile "hotspot". If you want to use the iPod Touch 4G like a phone, you'll need to do research on keeping it connected to the internet so you can browse wherever/whenever you want.