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Hi all,

I have a mid 2010 Mac Mini that I bought for my HTPC. I am unable to get the HDMI audio to work after trying a number of connection possibilities. Here's the setup -

Mac Mini to Samsung via HDMI cable (1.3a) in either HDMI port - no audio
Mac Mini to Samsung via HDMI cable currently working for my uverse service - no audio
Mac Mini to Insignia LCD via HDMI cable in either HDMI port- no audio

I thought it was hardware, so I made a genius appointment and took it in. They gave me a new mini. Same exact issue.

When I switch to SAMSUNG in the sound properties, it tells me "The selected device has no output controls"

Video works fine.

What am I doing wrong? Did I just get two bad boards? This is really freaking annoying.

MacMini (mid-2010), Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    I have a new Samsung LED 55" and I was able to get everything working perfect for about a month. Then, last week nothing. No display or sound.

    I do recall having to go into the sound preferences and changing the output to hdmi or tv output. Then, if I waned my hulu tv to play via my hdmi I had to go into the hulu sound prefs and do it there too. It worked perfect. Now I just need to figure out how to get my hdmi signal to work again. I have another Philips plasma that it worked on before too, and that TV does work either. I tried two hdmi cables, nothing.

    Any suggestions? Let me know if what I said above fixed your audio.

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    The HDMI output on Mac Minis inherently does not support the volume controls in Mac OS itself. You either have to use the amp/TV's controls or those within the applications you're using themselves. As to your actual problem I unfortunately cannot help. You may want to look in either the sound options in Preferences or in the midi audio controls in the utilities folder in applications.
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    In my case that was no issue of the Mac Mini. In the Sound.app I had Samsung HDMI selected for output, but still did not have any sound from the speakers of the TV. Changing the settings for the TV fixed it. Here is what I did:
    - open setup menu for the TV
    - navigate to "input"
    - select "edit name"
    - select the "HDMI1/PC" jack
    - select the name (strange term in this context) "PC"
    et voila: Sound comes out of the TV speakers.
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    I'm on the same boat as you guys. With the base Macbook Air 11.6 and a Samsung LN32C450. There's no option to change the input audio, only output.
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    This solved the problems with my UNC8000. Changing the name of the input to PC from PC-DVI did the trick. I walked through several of the options, and it appears that the name selection does more than merely change the name, in my Samsung TV at least. The video even switches and resyncs on a couple of them.

    Thanks for posting this!

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    If you are using Plex...


    Preferences>System>Audio>Audio Output Device> change to HDMI

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    Tried to switch the input.  I'm hooking my Mac to my Samsung through a Mini DVI - HDMI and then with an HDMI cable.  No sound, the only thing that happened when I switched the name of the input on HDMI1 to PC DVI is the picture got better.  I would love to hear my games and music coming from my TV rather than my Mac.

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    Crazy. I was going nuts with the picture quality until I changed the name of the source to PC-DVI. Who would have thought that the NAME would make the difference or be where the settings are, and lo and behold, Boyan11 is right, and switching it to PC added the audio on top. Thanks Boyan11!

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    this worked for me. thanks!


    another strange thing was that I have Windows 7 running on Parallels. I was getting sound from there on the TV even before I tried your steps, but not the sounds from the Mac.

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    Hey I have a mac just over 3 years old and i have connected it up to my samsung 42" HDTV and the picture is great (I'm using HDMI to Mini display) but there is no audio so I brought a red/white and jack cable and plugged it into my TV and still no sound i have also tried changing the name but there isn't anything to do with in and output in my TV settings i have looked all over the internet and i cant find anything that will help me PLEASE HELP ME!

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    Boyan - perfect! If you're having trouble with your Samsung, literally "re-name" the inputs on the TV (don't just select the HDMI one). Works like a charm now. Thanks!

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    IIRC, older Macs don't put audio out the display port. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4241 lists Macs that can push audio in addition to video out that port.


    For an older Mac, you're stuck running a separate audio cable. Most TVs provide a conventional audio input jack next to one of their HDMI ports. You may then have to use the TV's remote control to configure that HDMI port to use audio from the separate audio input.



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    Brilliant! Editing the name in the TV menu, under source list and changing it to "PC" solved my issue on the Macbook Pro Retina Display to output audio through HDMI.




    MacBook Pro, Retina, Mid 2012 - 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7

    Samsung UA40C6200


    Nice one, Cheers

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    I have the same issue... perfect image on a Samsung TV UE32EH5300, but no sound. I tried changing the input name to HDMI/PC (and tried all others) with no success.


    Altough I noticed one rare thing. I opened Mountain Lion AudioMidi Configuration and selected the HDMI output. Can't move the volume controls because these are supposed to be controlled on the TV. But when clicking at the Speaker configuration and making a test for L/R speakers... each TV  speaker (connected by HDMI) reproduced statics.


    THEN I'M CONFUSED!!!!... how can I hear sound produced by the computer but can't have the normal audio on HDMI???


    Any help???