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All the music files on my computer are in 128kbps bitrate to save disk space. Is there a way, when syncing music files to my iphone, to increase the bitrate of the uploaded files to a higher bitrate?

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  • wjosten Level 10 Level 10 (93,845 points)
    No, not on the fly. The only setting in itunes is to sync to your phone at 128kpbs AAC on the fly.
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10 (123,370 points)
    iTunes includes an option to convert higher bit rate songs in your iTunes library to 128 kbps AAC when transferred to the iPhone, but there is no option to increase the bit rate when transferred to an iPod or iPhone.

    The bit rate for a song in your iTunes library is determined and set based on your iTunes import setting when importing songs from a music CD. If the music was required elsewhere, the bit rate was determined by wherever it was acquired from.

    You can increase the bit rate for a song in your iTunes library by changing your iTunes import settings - increasing the bit rate for an import followed by selecting the song and at the iTunes menu bar go to Advanced and select Create AAC version, but this is obviously not what you want to do since you used a lower bit rate setting for the import to save disk space on your computer.
  • Malcolm Rayfield Level 7 Level 7 (28,070 points)
    It can reduce bit rates to 128 Kbps AAC when syncing, but not increase them. Increasing wouldn't improve audio quality anyway. What's lost in compression stays lost.
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    I think Malcolm Rayfield didn't understand the question. I believe kjames05 meant that if you want to enable the feature of converting higher bitrates to 128kbps to make it convert to a higher bitrate than 128.


    so if you have a lossless album and you want to save space on your ipod your let itunes convert it to 128kbps. But it would be great if you could choose what bitrate you would like. I personally think 128 is a little to low, i'd rather have 192 kbps or 256.


    Itunes 10.5 is out now and still no sign of feature like this.


    It's really bad that simple features like these are not added. for instance, people have been asking for proper support of multiple genres in Itunes since the day it came into existance and it's still not there.


    i can't imagine it would be too difficult to add a preference which bitrate you like convert to when tranfering to ipod.


    come on apple!