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I got my wife one of these - http://www.buy.com/prod/iphone-fm-transmitter-4-in-1-car-kit-fm-transmitter-char ger-remote/q/sellerid/18700237/loc/111/210727855.html - and she forgot that the dock connector has locking tabs - so when pulled it form the cradle the dock connector came with it but the wires did not. I suspect that I can repair i - however, I have no idea which connectors take which pins. Some of them pulled the entire connector out of the socket so I do not even know which of the 30 sockets they go back into - the others broke off at the solder joint - leaving no colored insulation behind to help identify the correct location.

I have the following wire colors:

The connector needs to supply power to the iPhone - as well as connect to the audio output since there is a headphone jack on the unit - in her case the car does not have an audio port - but the same circuit is likely used to feed the FM transmitter.

Yes they are inexpensive - and I already ordered another one - but would be nice to get that one working again. As far as recommending he unit - not really sure I would except for the most budget conscious - the Audio port produced poor quality in my Accord and a terrible hiss in my Sky - the FM transmitter did not work too well in either my Accord or my Sky - but works okay on 88.1 in her Lancer.

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